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All the years, I’ve been misled. I’m gutted.
Yet I’m glad that I now know it and will never misbuy.

My bra size is NOT 34A, it is 32B!

That’s why my bras illfit me. The cups are flatter, I mean they cover wider area but don’t have depth inside,  and  there was always some room in the back.  I have had to adjust my bra continuously because it goes up and up and up!!!

Some time ago I bought a 32B (by accident) and whenever I put that on, it stays where it should be. I can feel that it lifts my assets (hm hmm). However I didn’t take too much notice of it. I still believed my size was 34A. A bra fitter once told me too. Well, maybe she wasn’t the competent one.

Recently, I went on a mini holiday to La Barrosa (Chiclana, Spain) and bought a new swimsuit because I had left mine at home. There were not many available in the shop and I chose a nice black one. I put the top part on and I felt..so right. I mean it wasn’t too comfortable (in a good way) and I could feel it was there for a reason. I checked the size and it was 32B. That was it. That was my EUREKA moment!

Wow. What a relief. A 32B is more readily available than a 34A.
Gotta buy loads of bras. 🙂



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