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Apple detox diet

I’ve been eating non-stop since Friday night.

I started preparing for the lunch from Friday night. Sweet potato mash salad tastes best when served cold. I also pre-steamed prawn shitake mushroom because I wanted to taste to see whether it was worthy of serving it or not. Oh I made Kimchi as well as it required a few processes. Kimchi and bulgogi (Korean marinated BBQ beef) were upon my friend’s request for the hot pot party for Sunday lunch.

Saturday meal was great. On Saturday evening, I sliced a big rump steak beef. It just began to thaw so that I was able to cut them thinly and easily. I marinated 1kg of the meat and put it in the fridge overnight.

Sunday was a hot pot party at my friend’s. Oh bless her. She had prepared all different kinds of food – fresh shrimps, chicken thigh marinade, pork meatballs, rice noodle, various vegetable, and so on- which were enough to feed the army! They were so yummy and juicy. The lunch started at about 2pm and finished just after 6pm.

After three day & nights’ non-stop eating binge, I was understandingly tired last night. I was dozing off while I was watching ‘Puss in boots’. What a shame.

Today, to soothe my overworked stomach, I’m doing a one day apple detox diet. I’ve never done it before but it doesn’t sound too overwhelming. Basically you eat just apples all day. It doesn’t matter how many you eat, but eat apples only. I can drink water and infusions. On the way to work, I’ve bought 1 kg of Golden Delicious and I’ve eaten two so far. I may buy a bit more later.

I’ve been to the toilet quite a few times already and I’m feeling alright. 



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