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knock knock knock..

Oh dear my poor blog,

I’ve been neglecting you for a while.
It’s not a nice feeling. I feel guilty. I feel like an unwelcome guest in my own home. Something’s gotta change!

Well, this is just to let my kind readers know that I’m alive and kicking. I’ll be back with more goodies very soon.


Daily rants

The weather has been horrid in this part of the world.

There must be a big hole somewhere up in the sky. It’s been raining non stop for a week and I do not hugely appreciate it.  I’ve got a flamenco class to go to this evening and I’m seriously considering ditching it. Skipping classes is so not me but it’s that bad. I know I will enjoy it once I go but I don’t think I will be motivated enough to go in this horrible weather. I just want to go home and have my chirimoya,  then a banana-walnut-chocochip muffin I baked last night. By the way the muffins were seriously delicious.

Mark had a headache inside the back of his head last Sunday and ended up in a hospital bed for the night. Though he doesn’t have pain any more, the doctor has booked an MRI scan for him in Spain this Friday. I guess it’s a sensible thing to do. It is an uneasy feeling facing an ad-hoc MRI though. From past experiences, we have all learned that how he feels has got nothing to do with the result.(His 2nd tumour came back while his mobility was noticeably improving and he was feeling stronger day by day.) In other words, well in more positive words, feeling bad doesn’t necessarily lead to a bad result either if it makes sense.

Everybody would agree with me on this. When you’re personally involved in a certain matter, it’s very difficult to put things in perspective. Even worse, some general random statements or philosophical words can sound bullshit. For example, if you’re dying of a terminal disease, how on earth could you empathise with somebody saying ‘We could all die tomorrow, I could get run over by car on the way to work.’ It comes across as a fairly offensive and condescending statement to me. For that reason, I never say those things to people.

Oh my lord, it’s getting worse. Are we expecting a hurricane??

Gangnam Style

Is there anybody who still hasn’t seen ‘Gangnam Style’ video?

It’s a hilarious music video you can easily find on youtube.com. Apparently over 140 million people have viewed this one and I must admit that 10 of them is mine. lol

‘Gangnam’ literally means ‘South (nam) of River (gang) and ‘Gang’ pronounces as ‘gahng’ as in ‘garden (but without the prolonged ‘r’ sound)’ not ‘gang’ as in gangster. This is located in the south part of Han river (Han-Gang), which runs across Seoul, and represents the richest town of Seoul. People who live in Gangnam are considered a bit self-important and haughty and they tend to stay in their own ‘league’. Unless you’re born there and have inherited the family wealth, buying a property in Gangnam area from scratch is almost impossible. Moving (=breaking) into Gangnam area equtes to ‘you made it!’. Parents want to move there because kids have the highest record of going to top universities, which inevitably links to their future career choices, and young couples want to live there because it will make others go green.

There are many derivative words from Gangnam, which mostly imply a slight negative (plus jealous) tone. For example, Gangnam umma (gangnam mum) is a mum who dedicates her life to find out and collect privileged study-related information for their kids. Gangnam umma forms a group of fellow selected mums to exchange information and recruits a private tutor , or goes to see (or bribe?) her kid’s teacher at school. They spend loads of £££ to increase a chance of sending their kids to the best unis. In Gangnam area, it is said that whether a kid goes to a good university or not is totally dependent upon his mum’s info-money-power.

People also say ‘She’s Gangnam choolsin (born & bred hardcore Gangnam girl).’ and it implies ‘money, typical character, outstanding appearances thanks to plastic surgery and maybe a different level. Gangnam doesn’t necessarily represent high integrity or class but mostly money and money-driven stuff. Of course there is always an exception to the rule and I’m pretty sure that there are plenty of Gangnam-ians who are just as humble as the rest of us! 🙂

Anyway this song makes a light-hearted joke about Gangnam style. As the singer Psy said in one of his interviews, ‘I don’t look like Gangnam style’, I don’t dress like Gangnam style but I keep on saying I’m Gangnam style in the music video – that’s the whole point!’. You can see different sites of Gangnam in the video. The music is catchy and the signature ‘invisible horseriding’ dance is easy to follow. It’s simply a genius!

I found this article on ABC.es and it’s great to see Psy is beginning to make it here in Europe. I hope to hear his song Gangnam style on Radio Gibraltar (Gibraltar) or Cadena Dial (Spain) very soon!

An Opera Gala Concert at St Michael’s Cave

Today there will be an opera gala concert at St Michael’s Cave.


An Opera Gala Concert

The Gibraltar Philharmonic Society in collaboration with The Government of Gibraltar presents an An Opera Gala Concert commencing on 24th May at the St Michael’s Cave at 8:30 pm. The concert will feature soprano Stefanna Kybalova, soprano (Arena di Verona), tenor Sungkyu Park (Teatro dell’opera di Roma) and pianist David Aronson (Vienna State Opera). The programme includes famous arias, duets and Neapolitan songs.

St Michael’s Cave is quite a spectacular venue for a musical concert. Its natural echos are just mesmerising and the temperature inside makes a perfect place especially for Summer. You actually need a cardigan or some sort.Whoever visits Gibraltar, St Michael’s Cave is a must. If you can combine with a concert, it’s even better. There are a few more concerts planned at the cave this year, you could combine it with your holiday in sunny Gibraltar!

PS. I’m not going today. Instead I’m going to cinema with Mark as it’s more comfortable and safe for him. 🙂

A mutant arm

I’ve noticed this for a few months but I’m still in denial.

The thing is that…my lower arms are different in thickness. Precisely speaking, my right arm is thinner than the left one. I thought it was clothing at first, but I realised it’s the same with every long-sleeved tops! It’s quite annoying. I like rolling up sleeves to the halfway of the lower arms and the right one always slides down. The left one? It gets stuck quite tightly. I haven’t measured them yet but I bet the gap will be at least 1 inch or more. The difference is visible.

I’m not left-handed. So this hypothesis is out. Do I play tennis or squash? No. Then why this has happened to me? I had a chat with Mark this morning but nothing was convincing. I carried on thinking and thinking and finally deduced the reason. Here we go.

In order to build muscle, high intensity/short duration training is required. As seen in 100M sprinters and marathon runners, the former tend to have a quite muscular body, the latter have a lean and slim body. Therefore, my left arm must have been exposed to this type of exercises or activities. Eureka, that’s it! Over the last 5 years, I carry heavy stuff (shopping bags, suitcases, etc) on my own and when I do that I tend to free my right arm to carry keys or mobile. My poor left arm has been secretly training for 2012 London Olympics 100M sprinting!

The solution seems simple. Low intensity / high duration training. Now I need to go grocery shopping more often so that I can carry less at one go. Is it practical and doable? I doubt. 😦

Crazy mother throws her son into the river.

El niño, de nueve años, pedía socorro desde el agua, pero su madre no lo ayudó a salir
(The 9 year’s old child, calling for help to get out of the water but his mother didn’t help him out.)

This mother must be mentally ill and it’s unbelievable that she had been allowed to walk around on the street until this incident happened. Allegedly, this Spanish woman pushed her 9-year-old son into the river in Malaga and left him to (almost) die. He was rescued by others and the woman is arrested. The article doesn’t say much about how it happened and how the mental state of the woman was. You can read the full article on here.

Every job requires a certain level of qualifications. Even a shopkeeper candidate at a tiny local bakery would be demanded a CV and references. How is it even frigging possible that the most important job in the world, which I say being parents, is a free pass for any human being with working reproductive system? This is not a personal matter. Yes it starts as a personal matter but it becomes an obvious public issue when each person gradually integrates into the society. Knowing there is a colossal transition like this, it’s quite scary to observe that a child is being born by some totally underqualified parents every where and every second.

Things on my mind right now.

Things on my mind right now:

1. Mark’s scan results show that he requires a closer monitoring. Nothing has happened but the seemingly scar tissue looks more prominent than before.
2. My sister (and my mom) and my SIL are still at loggerheads and actually more unpleasant events have been occuring.
3. A gossipy colleague. She’s a warm-hearted person but likes gossiping and conspiracy theories. I spoke to her a few times to stop but it’s still happening.
4. Lie to me season 2- episode 18. I spent my weekend watching 17 episodes of Lie to me and I want to watch them all (22 episodes). I even went to bed close to 4am yesterday!
5. Boy, I’m tired.

Never let facts in the way of truth.

‘Lie to Me’ is one of my favourite TV series. I own the season 1 on DVD and watch them over and over again. I know they are two more seasons available on DVD but I’m kind of saving (?) them, if you understand what I mean.

It’s amazing. Every time I watch them, there’s something I didn’t think about earlier. Last Saturday was Dr Lightman’s timely appropriate quote ‘Never let facts in the way of truth.’. It got me thinking. Does it or can it apply to every situation when you need to dig up truth? Does that mean facts are just a means to an end – truth? Lying is justifiable then as long as it’s use to obtain truth? To what extend is lying acceptable then?

It’s a poweful yet paradoxical quote, isn’t it?


Random Kindness

Yesterday the border queue was absolutely horrendous.

It must have been a madrush out because Spain’s Easter holiday starts from Thursday, one day before Gibraltar’s.  Anyway, not grasping the seriousness of the situation, we still decided to go out to Spain to buy some goodies for my family. First, we had a bite at a very nice tapas bar at Ocean viliage in Gibraltar and joined the queue at about 8:45pm.  Then I realised that Mercadona closes at 9:15pm!

We arrived at a nearby Mercadona at 9:00pm and ran like a headless chicken to get piquilo peppers, piquitos, and the usual groceries. I wanted to go to Carrefour as well, so the time was really tight. I picked a till where a few men with a small basket were standing while checking my wrist watch.

Then, one gentlman standing before me turned and asked me ‘Tiene prisa? (Are you in a hurry?’. I answered ‘Si, un poquito, (Yes, a little bit).  You know what he did? He said, ‘Pase, pase por favor (Go ahead)’.  – How nice is that!

I love this sort of random kindness. Well, Mark said (which I don’t mind accepting, ha ha ha!) it’s because I am pretty and cute. 🙂  However, I come across this very often in Spain, not particularily in any other places.

Another reson why I love Spain and Spanish people.



Very true.

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