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I write therefore I exist.

A thought on Life

I once was sent to a client’s office to print off important documents when I was an office junior. I think it was probably around 50 pages or so. After finishing off the task, I compiled them all correctly and shait..! I realised that each page was slightly bigger than what the A4 print could capture. Picture this. A half of top line, a half of bottom line and both sides’ first half letters (sometimes a word) were missing. You know, to get to a word ‘liberty’ in the first top sentence, you have to guess from the bottom halves only.

I quickly skimmed through them. I was able to decipher some of them without a problem but I was totally at my wits’ end on quite a few others. When I was at those pages, it was frustrating yet challenging. It was infuriating yet encouraging. When I managed to get a few ‘difficult’ pages right, I felt incredibly exhilarated though. It became less troublesome those pages later as many of them were repeated and related. Hooray!

Looking at those pages with my handwriting over, it suddenly hit me hard. Maybe this is life. You never get clear pages. It may look easy from a distance but there are traps everywhere. You sometimes manage to go through some parts perfectly or not so perfectly. However the most important thing is that you carry on. You may come up with a clear answer if you just carry on a few chapters more.

…Well, I know I know..I didn’t have much time to contemplate on life at the client’s premises during my working hours. So I had to reprint them all. This time I made sure they were printed in the correct setting. Unlike this we cannot reset our life, but you know what I was trying to say..


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