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Daily rants

The weather has been horrid in this part of the world.

There must be a big hole somewhere up in the sky. It’s been raining non stop for a week and I do not hugely appreciate it.  I’ve got a flamenco class to go to this evening and I’m seriously considering ditching it. Skipping classes is so not me but it’s that bad. I know I will enjoy it once I go but I don’t think I will be motivated enough to go in this horrible weather. I just want to go home and have my chirimoya,  then a banana-walnut-chocochip muffin I baked last night. By the way the muffins were seriously delicious.

Mark had a headache inside the back of his head last Sunday and ended up in a hospital bed for the night. Though he doesn’t have pain any more, the doctor has booked an MRI scan for him in Spain this Friday. I guess it’s a sensible thing to do. It is an uneasy feeling facing an ad-hoc MRI though. From past experiences, we have all learned that how he feels has got nothing to do with the result.(His 2nd tumour came back while his mobility was noticeably improving and he was feeling stronger day by day.) In other words, well in more positive words, feeling bad doesn’t necessarily lead to a bad result either if it makes sense.

Everybody would agree with me on this. When you’re personally involved in a certain matter, it’s very difficult to put things in perspective. Even worse, some general random statements or philosophical words can sound bullshit. For example, if you’re dying of a terminal disease, how on earth could you empathise with somebody saying ‘We could all die tomorrow, I could get run over by car on the way to work.’ It comes across as a fairly offensive and condescending statement to me. For that reason, I never say those things to people.

Oh my lord, it’s getting worse. Are we expecting a hurricane??


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