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What is your zodiac sign?

I believe in zodiac signs. I’ve never made friends with people because of their zodiac signs but in the end the long-lasting friends I have seem to belong to a few zodiac signs and they have a similar disposition.

Everybody is different and of course even in the same zodiac sign. I won’t be able to tell what sign they are from the beginning. However I can more or less tell when an  important life event strikes to the person and how she reacts and handles. I guess it’s because your zodiac sign is a raw quality with which you were born. You are shaped and influenced by the surroundings and people close by throughout your life, and of course by your upbringing. Nevertheless, when a something big happens to you, which requires your swift judgement, there you go. Your zodiac sign calling! (This is my theory ok? :-))

Well, It will give me a more accurate prediction if I spend some time together with the person. Knowing their zodiac signs helps me understand them better. For the same reason, it helps me feel less awkward about myself in the way I think about something or someone too. Knowing myself (and my weaknesses) is good, isn’t it?

I’m a Cancerian. Cancerians are well known for home loving, nurturing and emotional characters. I think that’s very true. Being emotional and having changeable moods don’t always come nicely, but I try hard not to let my sentimentality rule me. Cancerians tend to be creative. They need outlets to express their creativity. That’s why I write, cook and go to galleries. It’s not just a hobby, for me it keeps my sanity. I become really cranky and irritable if I carry on my mundane life without a big dose of above outlets. Cancerians sometimes trap into private life too much, however it’s not in their nature. They have to come out to play and migle with people. This energises them. Well I can’t agree more. I love my own company but I do need socialising. I mean it’s totally necessary.

Being a cancerian is hard. The worst part of my characters is to hold grudge and to overthink. They both are related to ‘sentimentality’. I wish I were more cool about things like Leo or Libra.

I’ve found a uncannily accurate astrology website. Check it out, you will be surprised!





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One thought on “What is your zodiac sign?

  1. Mark on said:

    Yep Librans are balanced emotionally and can handle Cancerian’s hissy fits 🙂

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