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Abuse of disabled parking bays

Mark’s letter is published in the chronicle today.

I don’t expect the situation will get much better but we’ve got nothing to lose, do we?

This woman, who’s living in the same block, also has a blue badge. That’s fine if she uses the car. No, actually, I don’t understand how someone like her is entitled to a blue badge. She is claimed to have a problem with her arm, however carries Morrisons’ shopping bags like anything. Her mobility is perfect. She can walk anywhere for God’s sake! Whatever reason is, she is a blue badge holder and I cannot change that.

However what angers me is that she doesn’t drive the car. Her father comes and picks her up in the morning. And the car showing the blue badge? Her husband uses it for the commutes. That way he can always privatise the disabled parking bay. Though it’s is an offence, he gets away with it every f**king single day. No he just does it so naturally that everybody would think he’s a blue badge holder. Some people just don’t have conscience. I damn those people. I curse them.

I’ve sent letters to Traffic commission, Ministry of Transport, Police, you name it, for the last few years but I feel like I’ve been talking to a bloody wall!

This is a last resort to voice the issues to public in Gibraltar. At least every person in high authority will read the Chronicle and I hope that those thick-skinned immoral neighbours also read it too.

Dear Sir,

I’m a disabled badge holder due to my severely impaired mobility caused by brain cancer. I would like to raise two issues with which I’ve been struggling for years.

I’ve seen the police checking disabled parking bays to see whether the blue badge is clearly visible on parked cars. However, the problem is that they can’t check whether the holder was present in the car before it was parked.

Also I’ve sent an email to the Traffic commission four months ago if they could possibly increase the number of disabled parking bays nearby as I am hardly able to use a disabled parking bay due to the growth in the number of blue badge holders in the neighbourhood since then. In all fairness, I had requested the demarcation of a disabled bay five years ago and it was done within days.

Today I have received a reply from the Traffic commission and this is what they say: ‘I have been instructed by the Traffic Commission to inform you that disability bays are for the use of all holders not specifically allocated for private use and that users need to share them.’.

Yes this IS exactly the issue. Who is to make sure that the bays are shared fairly, and not misused?

Perhaps this is not an issue in other areas, but it is where I live – on N**** H**** Road.

Yours Sincerely,



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