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My lunch dilemma

Once upon a time, I worked at a company which had a cafeteria and provided a free lunch. The food was generally not bad. However I complained (to myself mostly) that I would like to go out and eat, the menu was a bit monotonous or more specifically the meat tasted rubbery and so on. In retrospect, I want to hide myself in a small rat hole! How bloody arrogant and ungrateful was I!  I now sincerely apologise to the chefs at that company who cooked me a stress-free meal every working day. Just for that I could go back to that job. Hmmm.. maybe that’s not 100% true, but you know what I mean. 🙂

Sorting out lunch is a day-to-day battle for me.
I really want to have a good lunch because it will help me keep away from all the rubbish food I end up eating in the evening. It will probably help me shed a couple of pounds.

I normallyhave a cuppa with a couple of sweet biscuits for a breakfast. No problem there. I sometimes eat fairly ‘nasty’ snacks during the morning and I don’t get hungry till about 2 or 3pm. I’ve got one hour for lunch but… the thing is that I prefer use this time at the gym.

Hence the real problem starts there. After my workout, I need to eat something. As Mcdonald is close by, I sometimes get a £1 cheeseburger and bring in to the office. I’m not a big fan of burgers but it comes in handy. I also go to Morrison to buy a couple of chicken roast thighs or drumsticks – this is highly unreliable because they tend to be sold out by the time I pop by and they have increased the price from 45p to 65p per each gradually for the last few months for an even smaller size. I’m not happy about it at all, so not buying them is kind of my silent protest. Oh, I go to Morrison’s cafeteria to have a proper lunch at times (resulting in skipping my workout session) but it is not exactly cheap and most importantly the food is boring and heavy. Even if I want to, one hour is not sufficient to go to a restaurant and order a proper dish let alone enjoy it.

Since I make a lunch box for Mark every day, it would be the most practical idea to make one more for myself. However, I really don’t want to do it. From bringing a lunch box (and putting in my beautiful bag) to eating in the office, everything about this whole packed lunch idea is so unglamorous and off-putting. Furthemore, eating my own cooked food in the office is something I’d rather keep as private. It’s too personal to share.

Well, I could compromise to bringing something *uncooked* into the office. I could less offensively bring a home-made salad, a sandwich, boiled eggs, tuna tins, etc.  Oh no, it still doesn’t sit nicely in my head. So uncool.

I wish I didn’t have to eat lunch. (Actually I’d rather starve than eat something tasteless.)
I wish I didn’t feel hungry at all at lunch (Sometimes I don’t.)
I once tried a gigantic breakfast to hold til dinner but it didn’t work for me. I felt even more hungry at lunchtime and ended up eating a roast dish.
Alas..it’s more like putting out fires on a daily basis.

…The perfect solution would be somebody delivers a tasty meal every day. I would still have to eat it in the office but if it were pretty to look at and professionally cooked by somebody else, I would be able to accept it. It would be fashionable and impersonal.


Something weird about myself

Do you have anything weird about yourself?

I do and quite a few. I only realised this could be ‘unusual’ after observing others for a long time…

1. I always sleep on the side of the bed closest to the bedroom door. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the right side or left side, or in the house or in a hotel.  I always choose to sleep on the side closer to the bedroom door. Come to think of it, I was like that even when I was a kid or a single girl.

2. I eat sweetcorn horizontally in rows using lower teeth. I mean like a forklift truck I lift up two or three corns very carefully with lower teeth and eat. As a result my cobs are very neat and clean. There’s absolutely no waste. I take pride in my finished cobs!

3. My little fingers are visibly bent outwards because my piano teacher forced to open between the pinkies and ring fingers with a ruler repeatedly to make them reach farther when I was a child. My dad found it out later and got livid. He nearly took her to the court!

4. I don’t eat organs of animals. That’s probably why I’ve never tasted chicken liver pâtés. I just don’t like the idea of it. Now I admit it’s becoming a problem as I want to see myself in the food industry!

5. I don’t eat chicken and eggs (or any combination of family members) at the same time. I feel like I’m committing mini genocide.

6. I don’t walk under scaffolding – I think it’s purely because I’m scared of something falling on me. I’d rather walk on the road to avoid it.

7. When I blow nose, I close one nostril by pressing my finger against one side of my nose and blow gently out the open nostril. Actually it’s not weird, it’s just smart and effective. My dad taught it to me when I was a kid, and since then I did not understand people who didn’t do it and made huge noise! 

That’s all for today. Oh dear, Monday is so slow.

They knew all along the way.

They knew it before I knew it! lol

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

Cooking for a man is a good way to win his affections.

Proverbs in other languages:

Mandarin: 要捉住男人的心,先要抓住他的胃 (zh)

Estonian: armastus käib kõhu kaudu (et)

German: Liebe geht durch den Magen (de)

Greek: η καρδιά του άνδρα περνά απ’ το στομάχι (el)

Russian: путь к сердцу мужчины лежит через желудок

Turkish: erkeğin kalbine giden yol midesinden geçer (tr)

Gangnam Style

Is there anybody who still hasn’t seen ‘Gangnam Style’ video?

It’s a hilarious music video you can easily find on youtube.com. Apparently over 140 million people have viewed this one and I must admit that 10 of them is mine. lol

‘Gangnam’ literally means ‘South (nam) of River (gang) and ‘Gang’ pronounces as ‘gahng’ as in ‘garden (but without the prolonged ‘r’ sound)’ not ‘gang’ as in gangster. This is located in the south part of Han river (Han-Gang), which runs across Seoul, and represents the richest town of Seoul. People who live in Gangnam are considered a bit self-important and haughty and they tend to stay in their own ‘league’. Unless you’re born there and have inherited the family wealth, buying a property in Gangnam area from scratch is almost impossible. Moving (=breaking) into Gangnam area equtes to ‘you made it!’. Parents want to move there because kids have the highest record of going to top universities, which inevitably links to their future career choices, and young couples want to live there because it will make others go green.

There are many derivative words from Gangnam, which mostly imply a slight negative (plus jealous) tone. For example, Gangnam umma (gangnam mum) is a mum who dedicates her life to find out and collect privileged study-related information for their kids. Gangnam umma forms a group of fellow selected mums to exchange information and recruits a private tutor , or goes to see (or bribe?) her kid’s teacher at school. They spend loads of £££ to increase a chance of sending their kids to the best unis. In Gangnam area, it is said that whether a kid goes to a good university or not is totally dependent upon his mum’s info-money-power.

People also say ‘She’s Gangnam choolsin (born & bred hardcore Gangnam girl).’ and it implies ‘money, typical character, outstanding appearances thanks to plastic surgery and maybe a different level. Gangnam doesn’t necessarily represent high integrity or class but mostly money and money-driven stuff. Of course there is always an exception to the rule and I’m pretty sure that there are plenty of Gangnam-ians who are just as humble as the rest of us! 🙂

Anyway this song makes a light-hearted joke about Gangnam style. As the singer Psy said in one of his interviews, ‘I don’t look like Gangnam style’, I don’t dress like Gangnam style but I keep on saying I’m Gangnam style in the music video – that’s the whole point!’. You can see different sites of Gangnam in the video. The music is catchy and the signature ‘invisible horseriding’ dance is easy to follow. It’s simply a genius!

I found this article on ABC.es and it’s great to see Psy is beginning to make it here in Europe. I hope to hear his song Gangnam style on Radio Gibraltar (Gibraltar) or Cadena Dial (Spain) very soon!

Abuse of disabled parking bays

Mark’s letter is published in the chronicle today.

I don’t expect the situation will get much better but we’ve got nothing to lose, do we?

This woman, who’s living in the same block, also has a blue badge. That’s fine if she uses the car. No, actually, I don’t understand how someone like her is entitled to a blue badge. She is claimed to have a problem with her arm, however carries Morrisons’ shopping bags like anything. Her mobility is perfect. She can walk anywhere for God’s sake! Whatever reason is, she is a blue badge holder and I cannot change that.

However what angers me is that she doesn’t drive the car. Her father comes and picks her up in the morning. And the car showing the blue badge? Her husband uses it for the commutes. That way he can always privatise the disabled parking bay. Though it’s is an offence, he gets away with it every f**king single day. No he just does it so naturally that everybody would think he’s a blue badge holder. Some people just don’t have conscience. I damn those people. I curse them.

I’ve sent letters to Traffic commission, Ministry of Transport, Police, you name it, for the last few years but I feel like I’ve been talking to a bloody wall!

This is a last resort to voice the issues to public in Gibraltar. At least every person in high authority will read the Chronicle and I hope that those thick-skinned immoral neighbours also read it too.

Dear Sir,

I’m a disabled badge holder due to my severely impaired mobility caused by brain cancer. I would like to raise two issues with which I’ve been struggling for years.

I’ve seen the police checking disabled parking bays to see whether the blue badge is clearly visible on parked cars. However, the problem is that they can’t check whether the holder was present in the car before it was parked.

Also I’ve sent an email to the Traffic commission four months ago if they could possibly increase the number of disabled parking bays nearby as I am hardly able to use a disabled parking bay due to the growth in the number of blue badge holders in the neighbourhood since then. In all fairness, I had requested the demarcation of a disabled bay five years ago and it was done within days.

Today I have received a reply from the Traffic commission and this is what they say: ‘I have been instructed by the Traffic Commission to inform you that disability bays are for the use of all holders not specifically allocated for private use and that users need to share them.’.

Yes this IS exactly the issue. Who is to make sure that the bays are shared fairly, and not misused?

Perhaps this is not an issue in other areas, but it is where I live – on N**** H**** Road.

Yours Sincerely,


Most Influential Entrepreneurs in Spain

Well, I’m not surprised at all with the results. I admire these mega successful Spanish entrepreneurs. They are very different from those in the UK or US. They still keep their roots and humble minds per my observation. Since I’ve read Amancio Ortega’s biography (Así es Amancio Ortega, el hombre que creó ZARA by Covadonga O’Shea – see below image), I’m more convinced about that. 

Check out the link to read the full article. I will list the names only.


1. Emilio Botin (Banco Santander’s Chairman)
2. Amancio Ortega (the largest shareholder of Inditex)
3. Joan Roig (the president of Mercadona)
4. Cesar Alierta (Telefonica’s Chairman)
5. Pablo Isla (Inditex’s current president) 
6. Florentino Perez (ACS president)
7. Francisco González (the President of BBVA)
8. Antonio Brufau (Repsol’s president)
9. Isidro Faine (CaixaBank’s president)
10. Isidoro Alvarex (the presidnet of El Corte Inglés)

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