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Smartphone addiction

It’s been more than a month since I posted a new post.

In my defence, my communication need has been met perfectly by other sources, that fact that I had a blog completely slipped my mind! ūüôā

I had a two-week’s wonderful holiday at my house in Spain and threw loads of party. I practised my cooking skills and attempted new dishes with unfamiliar ingredients. Cooking and baking inspires me. I’m now seriously considering embarking on a culinary career when the time is right. ūüôā I already started checking some cooking schools in San Sebastian (FYI, this city is the top gourmet¬†place in Spain). We will see.

Today, this headline from ABC.es has captured my attention. Oh dear, I’m one of them.

El 55% de espa√Īoles¬†renunciar√≠a¬†a la tele o al coche¬†antes que al smartphone ¬†55% of Spaniards would give up TV or car for smartphone

I did try to put in some control measure to mitigate my addiction. Firstly, I’m not on 3G. My iphone¬†only works (well, does ‘smarts’)¬†on wifi. This helps me abstain from my iphone¬†during working hours. Secondly, I ‘didn’t ‘ have internet connection at my house in Spain so that I had¬†relaxing technology-free weekends.¬†It’s a past tense for a reason. My good friend and neighbour¬†Isabel and I had a little martini session some weekends ago and I casually mentioned that I made a trip to the communal rubbish collection area to upload some photos on my twitter¬†because there was¬†free wifi available around that area. It was meant to be a harmless and funny story without recourse,¬†however Isabel was almost upset and asked me why I didn’t ask for the ‘clave‘ for her wifi. Naturally, oh right, ‘No se por que no pedi!’ tada¬†– I ‘had to(!)’ gratefully accept it. lol

Now more and more restaurants and cafes¬†offer free-wifi¬†connection and I’m sure it will be a basic feature in any commercial¬†premises in a very short space of time. I will not be able to escape unless I put myself on ultra strict abstention, which is quite unlikely.

Smartphone, if used well,¬†is a¬†fantastic little apparatus. I’m always in touch with my family back in Korea or what’s going on in the world. Let’s not forget the Olympics. I almost feel like I’m¬†an Olympian¬†in London!

However it takes up too much of my¬†time. I think I can easily spend 3-4 hours staring at my iphone¬†after I get back home. It’s a total time waster. I’m sometimes disgusted with myself to see¬†that I continuously¬†check email, twitter, facebook¬†and¬†other blogs¬†and even go back at them again and again ¬†like a stalker¬†until my eyes are sore. My iphone¬†totally controls me! Mind you, I was in heaven that I didn’t have access to wifi¬†while I was holidaying in Spain. I read countless books and felt more time on my hand. Honestly¬†nothing happened at all while I didn’t find out breaking news from the social network channels. Now knowing I’ve got the internet on my iphone, I won’t be able to go back to my same old self. My weekends will not be the same again.

Saying that checking if¬†there is¬†a free wifi¬†connection available¬†(and if there is, I feel… high!)¬†is¬†still¬†the first thing I do when I’m sat at any restaurant. I hate the fact that I’m a slave to my iphone¬†but I can’t help it! I’m totally obsessed.


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