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A memorable summer get-together.

I’ve invited my work colleagues and their partners to my holiday home in Spain to celebrate my birthday (yay!) and have a good gathering on 30 June.

I’d been considering this for a long time but the necessary momentum didn’t arrive till a few weeks before. It’s about the time. I’ve got now a new artificial lawn and fixed a few annoying bits in the house. Now or never! You’ve gotta flaunt it when a good money is spent, no? lol

In conclusion, it was a great day out. Everybody invited (14 people) all turned up and enjoyed my foodies. From the sourcing the ingredients and cooking, I’ve done it all, which I’m very proud of.  Yes it was hard work.  I peeled a total of 170 langostines (3kg) for one of the starters and it took me 3-4 hours and pain on my both arms and back. But it was worth it. 🙂

The following is the menu and a bit of after cooking notes.

Appetizer with Drinks


.Drinks (wine, beer, water, soft drinks, etc) – Since many people had to drive, I’ve prepared sizable amount of non-alcoholic beverage. It was a good choice.

.Olives, Baguette (same day), small ciabatta, Crisps – Bread wasn’t really needed because everybody was busy getting the main!

.Quail eggs in soy sauce – Over 100 quail eggs peeled and cooked. Most of them never tasted it before but they went down alright.

.Shrimps platter – This went down like a storm. Everybody couldn’t get enough of them. I grilled them with ginger & garlic and served chilled with my special sauce.


.Simple tomato & onion olive salad – Very refreshing.

.Fried Peppers – Prepared only one pack. ok.

.Kimchi fried rice – The only authentic Korean dish I cooked and people liked it a lot. I made Kimchi about two weeks ago for this.



 .Beef Marinade – Tried and liked by Mark’s brother. People loved it!

 .Chicken breast marinade – Marinated the night before with special seasoning and shallow fried with Spanish breadcrumbs on. Disappeared very quickly.

 .Chicken drumsticks in red wine vinegar/cream butter reduction– Lots of them left. Not that they didn’t like them, but wanted them for a doggy bag. 

 .Pork spare ribs – Fall-apart ribs and guys loved it!

 .German sausages with sauerkraut – This was ok. Just added a bit of difference.



Coffee delight Even I was impressed! Strong coffee, crem fresche and amaretti cookies make a perfect jelly dessert!

German apple pie/ice creams – gone in 5 seconds!

Cherries – For people on a diet (ha ha)

 I’m now more confident inviting a larger number of people. Sorry to be so obnoxious but I think I’m a very good cook! 🙂


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