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Tensión entre Gibraltar y España

El patrón de uno de los barcos que sufrieron los hostigamientos de la Policía gibraltareña alaba la labor de la Guardia Civil

(The skipper of one of the boats who suffered harassment by the Gibraltar Police praised the work of the Guardia Civil)

<<Full article>>

What kind of headline is that? This is so not true. They way ABC wrote about this article is absolutely biased. Who’s harrasing whom?  If somebody keeps on invading your territory and tries to claim his ownership, who on earth would sit and do nothing, eh? Spain cannot let go of the fact that Gibraltar is not theirs. Deep down Gibraltar has always been theirs and will be theirs. They believe if they keep on tickling it, it will be in their possession. 

In my opinion, important international (political) issues are never complicated. They come from greed and denial. If both parties respect the rules, there’s no conflict. additionally, the rules are always crystal clear.

I really hope this is resolved soon. I cannot tolerating a 3-hour border queue to Spain.


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