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An Opera Gala Concert at St Michael’s Cave

Today there will be an opera gala concert at St Michael’s Cave.


An Opera Gala Concert

The Gibraltar Philharmonic Society in collaboration with The Government of Gibraltar presents an An Opera Gala Concert commencing on 24th May at the St Michael’s Cave at 8:30 pm. The concert will feature soprano Stefanna Kybalova, soprano (Arena di Verona), tenor Sungkyu Park (Teatro dell’opera di Roma) and pianist David Aronson (Vienna State Opera). The programme includes famous arias, duets and Neapolitan songs.

St Michael’s Cave is quite a spectacular venue for a musical concert. Its natural echos are just mesmerising and the temperature inside makes a perfect place especially for Summer. You actually need a cardigan or some sort.Whoever visits Gibraltar, St Michael’s Cave is a must. If you can combine with a concert, it’s even better. There are a few more concerts planned at the cave this year, you could combine it with your holiday in sunny Gibraltar!

PS. I’m not going today. Instead I’m going to cinema with Mark as it’s more comfortable and safe for him. 🙂


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  1. Mark on said:

    Thank You

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