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A mutant arm

I’ve noticed this for a few months but I’m still in denial.

The thing is that…my lower arms are different in thickness. Precisely speaking, my right arm is thinner than the left one. I thought it was clothing at first, but I realised it’s the same with every long-sleeved tops! It’s quite annoying. I like rolling up sleeves to the halfway of the lower arms and the right one always slides down. The left one? It gets stuck quite tightly. I haven’t measured them yet but I bet the gap will be at least 1 inch or more. The difference is visible.

I’m not left-handed. So this hypothesis is out. Do I play tennis or squash? No. Then why this has happened to me? I had a chat with Mark this morning but nothing was convincing. I carried on thinking and thinking and finally deduced the reason. Here we go.

In order to build muscle, high intensity/short duration training is required. As seen in 100M sprinters and marathon runners, the former tend to have a quite muscular body, the latter have a lean and slim body. Therefore, my left arm must have been exposed to this type of exercises or activities. Eureka, that’s it! Over the last 5 years, I carry heavy stuff (shopping bags, suitcases, etc) on my own and when I do that I tend to free my right arm to carry keys or mobile. My poor left arm has been secretly training for 2012 London Olympics 100M sprinting!

The solution seems simple. Low intensity / high duration training. Now I need to go grocery shopping more often so that I can carry less at one go. Is it practical and doable? I doubt. 😦


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One thought on “A mutant arm

  1. Mark on said:

    Your conclusion makes a lot of sense.
    BTW: kudos on my lunch 🙂

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