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Crazy mother throws her son into the river.

El niño, de nueve años, pedía socorro desde el agua, pero su madre no lo ayudó a salir
(The 9 year’s old child, calling for help to get out of the water but his mother didn’t help him out.)

This mother must be mentally ill and it’s unbelievable that she had been allowed to walk around on the street until this incident happened. Allegedly, this Spanish woman pushed her 9-year-old son into the river in Malaga and left him to (almost) die. He was rescued by others and the woman is arrested. The article doesn’t say much about how it happened and how the mental state of the woman was. You can read the full article on here.

Every job requires a certain level of qualifications. Even a shopkeeper candidate at a tiny local bakery would be demanded a CV and references. How is it even frigging possible that the most important job in the world, which I say being parents, is a free pass for any human being with working reproductive system? This is not a personal matter. Yes it starts as a personal matter but it becomes an obvious public issue when each person gradually integrates into the society. Knowing there is a colossal transition like this, it’s quite scary to observe that a child is being born by some totally underqualified parents every where and every second.


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