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Top 10 restaurants in the world

I doubt that I will travel to these places just to have a dinner, but it’s very interesting to know there are 4 restaurants from the list not too far away from where I live. Well, that fact that Spain is a vast country makes my statement ‘not too far away’ loosely false, however, at least I can travel by car!

I would consider myself a timid foodie. I hate eating not-so-tasty food for the sake of hunger. I’d rather happily rest my appetite with fairly generic stuff such as fruits, plain bread, water, etc. I would not exert myself mightily to visit renowned restaurants just to be another lemming. I will go when I can combine other attractions of the place. 🙂

This is the original article I’ve read from ABC.es and their chosen top 10 restaurants are like below.

1.- Noma. Copenhagen (Denmark)
2.-El Celler de Can Roca. Gerona (Spain)
3.-Mugaritz. Rentería, Guipúzcoa  (Spain)
4.- D.O.M. Sao Paulo (Brazil)
5.- Osteria Francescana. Módena (Italy)
6.- Per Se. New York (USA)
7.- Alinea. Chicago (USA)
8.- Arzak. San Sebastián (Spain)
9.- Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. London (Great Britain)
10.- Eleven Madison Park. New York (USA)


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One thought on “Top 10 restaurants in the world

  1. Mark on said:

    so three in Spain hmmm….

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