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I write therefore I exist.

Fast Forward

Do you know the movie ‘Click‘?

It stars Adam Sandler as an overworked architect who neglects his family and misses most of his life when he receives a remote-control device that enables him to skip over unpleasant events. It’s a good movie to watch, brings about a lot to ponder.  

It would be very convenient to have one right now. If I could get my hands on one of those, I would like to fast forward to year 2022, 10 year later from now.  Then I could skip all the uncertainties and hassles ahead of me and land on my pre-determined retirement age. I would like to sit on my terrace with a glass of wine and reminisce the past with a smile on my face. By then I would have gone through apparent difficult and sad times and I would be feeling relieved and comfortable with myself. Also lots of things would look minute after all.   

Oftentimes I think somebody is watching my life. I mean ‘not in almighty god’s way’ but in ‘killtime entertainment material way’. I feel like my life is his 2nd time viewing of a movie. You know, he knows how it ends at the end but he cannot tell you to do or not to do. I wish I could find the person and ask him how my life gonna end up in 10 years time, so badly.

….I’m increasingly nervous as Mark’s scan result will be out in a few hours.


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