ordinary and oddinary

I write therefore I exist.

Never let facts in the way of truth.

‘Lie to Me’ is one of my favourite TV series. I own the season 1 on DVD and watch them over and over again. I know they are two more seasons available on DVD but I’m kind of saving (?) them, if you understand what I mean.

It’s amazing. Every time I watch them, there’s something I didn’t think about earlier. Last Saturday was Dr Lightman’s timely appropriate quote ‘Never let facts in the way of truth.’. It got me thinking. Does it or can it apply to every situation when you need to dig up truth? Does that mean facts are just a means to an end – truth? Lying is justifiable then as long as it’s use to obtain truth? To what extend is lying acceptable then?

It’s a poweful yet paradoxical quote, isn’t it?



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