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La compra semanal (weekly shopping)

I go to Mercadona almost every Saturday to do weekly grocery shopping. I try to keep the budget at about £30 worth in Euro. With the current strength of £, it works out about €36. It doesn’t vary much what I buy. I can leave Mercadona with two fully loaded large shopping bags, which is very satisfying. I buy eggs, bread, Spanish hams & sausages, fruits & vegetables in season, rice, pasta, legumes, cereal bars, milk, nuts, etc. I also buy frozen stuff at time and it lasts a few weeks.

Most of products at Mercadona is ‘marcas blancas (supermarket own brands)’. I don’t necessarily buy supermarket own brands at other places such as Morrisons, Carrefour, Hipercor etc, rather in some cases, I avoid them. However, I really like Mercadona’s. Not that I feel that I am deprived of choices, I would actively buy their brands even if there were choices that I could make. I trust their quality and taste.

Today I came across this article on ABC.es and more and more Spaniards are buying ‘marcas blancas’ and the price is a deciding factor due to the crisis. I’ve got my doubts about it whenever I go shopping in Spain, but well, it says 1/4 of the Spanish population is unemployment. I spotted Mercadona in the article and it instantly gave me smile.


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3 thoughts on “La compra semanal (weekly shopping)

  1. Mark on said:

    I believe chocolates and sweets are also a good buy there 🙂

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