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Dried anchovies with onion chutney

Is anybody familiar with dried anchovies? See below image I’ve googled.

Koreans eat them a lot. They stir-fry them with soy sauce or chilli paste (gochujamg) if they are small in size or filleted, and they use them to make fish stock for further cooking. You can eat them raw as well because they are just dried fish. They are naturally salty (or maybe salted), hence it’s eaten with a bowl of rice. Why am I suddenly talking about this? Here is my reason – my beloved mum has been sending me bags and bags of dried anchovies from Korea and I don’t know what to do with them, well I didn’t know.

Korean meals cannot be completed without a bowl of rice. In other words, if you don’t eat a bowl of rice, almost all Korean cooking becomes slightly awkward and confined. I guess this applies to Asian cooking in general. 

As I posted a few times, I’m a fast fast cook. Even when I make rice, which is not more often than making pasta or potato dish, I tend to cook it in a sauce. It’s difficult to define my cooking style – I mix different spices and try various methods.

When I stayed at Hotel Barcelo Punta Umbria about two weeks ago, I really enjoyed their onion chutney with cheese & water crackers at the buffet restaurant. The chutney was made of beautifully caramelised onion, sultana, and unforgettable cinnamon taste. It went wonderfully well with different types of cheese. While I was having a full plate of that, I thought to myself, this combination of salty and sweet would/could work well if I replaced the cheese with dries anchovies!

Upon arriving home, I’d been thinking about it but hadn’t put it to the test till a last Thursday. At first I was going to make stir-fried anchovies plus chutney then mix them together, but I decided not to do that way. This is how I did.

1. Pour olive oil on a hot pan and throw a few cayenne peppers to get spiciness out.
2. Scoop out the peppers and pour anchovies. Be careful not to burn them.
3. Mix them a spoon of molasse and brown sugar.
4. Move the mixture to the side (I think it would have been better if I had moved it out of the pan completely and mixed later on because the result tasted slightly burnt.) and fry red onion slices on low heat.
5. When red onion is being cooked, mix it with the anchovies.
6. Put vinegar and cinnamon stick & sultanas.
7. Keep stirring them till all is well mixed and cooked and leave it on a low heat for a while.

It was quite tasty say the least.
It was versatile enough to accompany rice, legume, or even slice of baguette. Oh, it goes fabulously well with a glass of red wine too.

I’m so glad that I’ve got a way to use up the sleeping-in-my-freezer anchovies and actually love them. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Dried anchovies with onion chutney

  1. Mark on said:

    Trust me they’re delicious! 😉

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