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Guisantes con jamón (petites pois with jamon)

 I went to Huelva region two weeks ago for the long weekend and had a wonderful time. I stayed at a hotel in Punta Umbria and had a day trip to El Rocio and Vila Real de Santo Antonio (Portugal).  Huelva is very well-known for its beautiful pork based food and seafood and it totally lived up to its name. I had to go on an emergency diet since I got back because I had eaten a whole week’s worth of food  for just three days’ stay over there!

This [Guisantes con jamón] dish was part of ‘menu del dia’ that I had at Bollullos del Condado. It was a small village on the way to Punta Umbria. There were a handful of big restaurants along the long street and obviously attracts locals and tourists.

I didn’t think it would be much of a surprise but boy, how wrong I was.
It was rich and delicious. And from the glance of it, it couldn’t be hard to make. Hence, I did make it just from my memory when I got back home and it was as good as the one I had had in Bollullos.

What you need are frozen petites pois, diced jamon, a few garlic cloves, one onion, one egg, a cube of chicken stock and some olive oil.

First , pour some olive oil in a pan and fry chopped onion & garlic till brown. Next,  throw petites pois then diced jamon in the pan. When they are well coated with the oil and aroma, pour some water just enough to cover the contents. Drop a half cube of chicken stock and leave the pan for a while. And then, turn off the heat and put one egg in. Once you put the lid on, the egg will be cooked from the remaining heat and you can serve the dish.

Voila, so easy isn’t it?

I found a recipe site which more or less confirmed that my experiment was quite good. The only difference was that I poured water in because I wanted to use the rich salsa to dip a couple of baguette slices.

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