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La crisis económica en Grecia (The economic crisis in Greece)


Un pensionista griego ha sido hallado muerto este miércoles en el parque ateniense Agios Filipos. Junto a su cuerpo, se halló una nota de suicidio en la que se hace referencia a su situación económica, según ha informado el portal griego «Athens News».

A Greek pensioner found dead on Wednesday in Agios Philippi Park Athens. Together with his body,  a suicide note was found where he refers to his financial situation accoring to the Greek portal “Athens News”.

«La Policía no me conoce. Nunca he tocado la bebida en mi vida. Nunca he soñado con mujeres ni con drogas y nunca he estado en una cafetería. Solo trabajé todo el día. Pero cometí un crimen horrendo: me hice profesional a los 40 años y me hundí en las deudas», dice la nota. «Ahora soy un idiota de 61 años y tengo que pagar. Espero que mis nietos no nazcan en Grecia, ya que no habrá griegos a partir de ahora. Dejemos que aprendan otro idioma, porque el griego será borrado del mapa a no ser que haya un político con el valor de [la ex primera ministra británica Margaret] Thatcher para ponernos firmes a nosotros y al Estado».

“The police do not know me. I’ve never touched a drink in my life. I never dreamed of either women or drugs and have never been in a cafeteria. Just worked all day. But I committed a terrible crime: I became professional at 40 years and I sank into debts, “says the note. “Now I’m a 61 year’s old idiot and I have to pay. I hope my grandchildren won’t be born in Greece, as there will not be Greek from now on. Let them learn another language because Greek will be wiped off the map unless there is a politician with courage like former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who make us and the state stand strong. ”

Los vecinos del fallecido le han descrito como un hombre muy trabajador que estuvo empleado en la reparación de barcos y en diversos puestos de construcción. En la última etapa de su vida trabajó como electricista en un barco mercante.

The neighbours of the deceased have described him as a hardworking man who was employed in the ship repair business and various jobs in construction. In the last stage of his life he worked as an electrician on a merchant ship.

The original article has more suicide stories but I’m not going to post them. Well it’s too depressing. Living and working in Europe, now this doesn’t seem too far away, physically. At the moment, Gibraltar is doing fine and I don’t see devastaing signs of economic deterioration around. In case of Spain, they do talk about high unemployment rate and foreclosure of houses on TV, however, Carrefour and Mercadona are always packed with people.



Guillermo de Inglaterra: ‘Queremos tener hijos’

Prince William: ‘We want to have children.’

Well, considering they have been married over 1 year and close to 30 years old, it’s not a shocking revelation, is it? He said in an interview conducted by an ABC journalist that he felt sad that his mother Princess Diana had never met Kate let alone went to his wedding. The following is a full article obtained from elmundo.es


El príncipe Guillermo de Inglaterra ha abierto su corazón en una entrevista cuyas píldoras, publicadas con cuentagotas en los medios de Reino Unido, están haciendo las delicias de los que querían ver al hijo de Carlos de Inglaterra acercarse más a su pueblo.

El futuro heredero al trono británico ha confesado a la veterana periodista Katie Kouric, de la cadena ABC, que siente cierta tristeza por el hecho de que su madre, Diana de Gales, no haya conocido a Catalina y tampoco haya podido asistir a su boda, con la que se casó el 29 de abril de 2011 y con la que está deseando tener hijos.

“Estoy encantado con la idea de construir una familia y Catalina y yo estamos seguros de que queremos ampliar la familia en el futuro”, ha manifestado el heredero, quien también ha hablado sobre sus deberes para con la corona dentro de la Royal Air Force y de la casa real para tratar de eludir temas demasiado personales.

Cuando Kouric quiso ir un poquito más allá en lo referente a cuestiones familiares, Guillermo se limitó a apretar los labios y a decir que “usted no va a sacar nada más de mí”.


Tensión entre Gibraltar y España

El patrón de uno de los barcos que sufrieron los hostigamientos de la Policía gibraltareña alaba la labor de la Guardia Civil

(The skipper of one of the boats who suffered harassment by the Gibraltar Police praised the work of the Guardia Civil)

<<Full article>>

What kind of headline is that? This is so not true. They way ABC wrote about this article is absolutely biased. Who’s harrasing whom?  If somebody keeps on invading your territory and tries to claim his ownership, who on earth would sit and do nothing, eh? Spain cannot let go of the fact that Gibraltar is not theirs. Deep down Gibraltar has always been theirs and will be theirs. They believe if they keep on tickling it, it will be in their possession. 

In my opinion, important international (political) issues are never complicated. They come from greed and denial. If both parties respect the rules, there’s no conflict. additionally, the rules are always crystal clear.

I really hope this is resolved soon. I cannot tolerating a 3-hour border queue to Spain.

An Opera Gala Concert at St Michael’s Cave

Today there will be an opera gala concert at St Michael’s Cave.


An Opera Gala Concert

The Gibraltar Philharmonic Society in collaboration with The Government of Gibraltar presents an An Opera Gala Concert commencing on 24th May at the St Michael’s Cave at 8:30 pm. The concert will feature soprano Stefanna Kybalova, soprano (Arena di Verona), tenor Sungkyu Park (Teatro dell’opera di Roma) and pianist David Aronson (Vienna State Opera). The programme includes famous arias, duets and Neapolitan songs.

St Michael’s Cave is quite a spectacular venue for a musical concert. Its natural echos are just mesmerising and the temperature inside makes a perfect place especially for Summer. You actually need a cardigan or some sort.Whoever visits Gibraltar, St Michael’s Cave is a must. If you can combine with a concert, it’s even better. There are a few more concerts planned at the cave this year, you could combine it with your holiday in sunny Gibraltar!

PS. I’m not going today. Instead I’m going to cinema with Mark as it’s more comfortable and safe for him. 🙂

A mutant arm

I’ve noticed this for a few months but I’m still in denial.

The thing is that…my lower arms are different in thickness. Precisely speaking, my right arm is thinner than the left one. I thought it was clothing at first, but I realised it’s the same with every long-sleeved tops! It’s quite annoying. I like rolling up sleeves to the halfway of the lower arms and the right one always slides down. The left one? It gets stuck quite tightly. I haven’t measured them yet but I bet the gap will be at least 1 inch or more. The difference is visible.

I’m not left-handed. So this hypothesis is out. Do I play tennis or squash? No. Then why this has happened to me? I had a chat with Mark this morning but nothing was convincing. I carried on thinking and thinking and finally deduced the reason. Here we go.

In order to build muscle, high intensity/short duration training is required. As seen in 100M sprinters and marathon runners, the former tend to have a quite muscular body, the latter have a lean and slim body. Therefore, my left arm must have been exposed to this type of exercises or activities. Eureka, that’s it! Over the last 5 years, I carry heavy stuff (shopping bags, suitcases, etc) on my own and when I do that I tend to free my right arm to carry keys or mobile. My poor left arm has been secretly training for 2012 London Olympics 100M sprinting!

The solution seems simple. Low intensity / high duration training. Now I need to go grocery shopping more often so that I can carry less at one go. Is it practical and doable? I doubt. 😦

Crazy mother throws her son into the river.

El niño, de nueve años, pedía socorro desde el agua, pero su madre no lo ayudó a salir
(The 9 year’s old child, calling for help to get out of the water but his mother didn’t help him out.)

This mother must be mentally ill and it’s unbelievable that she had been allowed to walk around on the street until this incident happened. Allegedly, this Spanish woman pushed her 9-year-old son into the river in Malaga and left him to (almost) die. He was rescued by others and the woman is arrested. The article doesn’t say much about how it happened and how the mental state of the woman was. You can read the full article on here.

Every job requires a certain level of qualifications. Even a shopkeeper candidate at a tiny local bakery would be demanded a CV and references. How is it even frigging possible that the most important job in the world, which I say being parents, is a free pass for any human being with working reproductive system? This is not a personal matter. Yes it starts as a personal matter but it becomes an obvious public issue when each person gradually integrates into the society. Knowing there is a colossal transition like this, it’s quite scary to observe that a child is being born by some totally underqualified parents every where and every second.

Danone launches Yolado!

 While we’re staying at our house in Spain over the weekend, we came across a TV ad which caught our eyes. It’s a new dairy product called ‘Yolado’. Yolado is a new Dadone’s product composed with two names which are yogur (yoghurt) and helado (icecream). It sounds like a frozen yoghurt but it should be creamier and smoother (well yes it should be!). 

 Apparently it was launched on 14 May in Spain. I presume they are available in Carrefour at least. Thus, I’m going to check out Carrefour this Saturday before doing the usual grocery shopping at Mercadona. I’ve got something to look forward to. Is it sad??

Things on my mind right now.

Things on my mind right now:

1. Mark’s scan results show that he requires a closer monitoring. Nothing has happened but the seemingly scar tissue looks more prominent than before.
2. My sister (and my mom) and my SIL are still at loggerheads and actually more unpleasant events have been occuring.
3. A gossipy colleague. She’s a warm-hearted person but likes gossiping and conspiracy theories. I spoke to her a few times to stop but it’s still happening.
4. Lie to me season 2- episode 18. I spent my weekend watching 17 episodes of Lie to me and I want to watch them all (22 episodes). I even went to bed close to 4am yesterday!
5. Boy, I’m tired.

Top 10 restaurants in the world

I doubt that I will travel to these places just to have a dinner, but it’s very interesting to know there are 4 restaurants from the list not too far away from where I live. Well, that fact that Spain is a vast country makes my statement ‘not too far away’ loosely false, however, at least I can travel by car!

I would consider myself a timid foodie. I hate eating not-so-tasty food for the sake of hunger. I’d rather happily rest my appetite with fairly generic stuff such as fruits, plain bread, water, etc. I would not exert myself mightily to visit renowned restaurants just to be another lemming. I will go when I can combine other attractions of the place. 🙂

This is the original article I’ve read from ABC.es and their chosen top 10 restaurants are like below.

1.- Noma. Copenhagen (Denmark)
2.-El Celler de Can Roca. Gerona (Spain)
3.-Mugaritz. Rentería, Guipúzcoa  (Spain)
4.- D.O.M. Sao Paulo (Brazil)
5.- Osteria Francescana. Módena (Italy)
6.- Per Se. New York (USA)
7.- Alinea. Chicago (USA)
8.- Arzak. San Sebastián (Spain)
9.- Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. London (Great Britain)
10.- Eleven Madison Park. New York (USA)

Fast Forward

Do you know the movie ‘Click‘?

It stars Adam Sandler as an overworked architect who neglects his family and misses most of his life when he receives a remote-control device that enables him to skip over unpleasant events. It’s a good movie to watch, brings about a lot to ponder.  

It would be very convenient to have one right now. If I could get my hands on one of those, I would like to fast forward to year 2022, 10 year later from now.  Then I could skip all the uncertainties and hassles ahead of me and land on my pre-determined retirement age. I would like to sit on my terrace with a glass of wine and reminisce the past with a smile on my face. By then I would have gone through apparent difficult and sad times and I would be feeling relieved and comfortable with myself. Also lots of things would look minute after all.   

Oftentimes I think somebody is watching my life. I mean ‘not in almighty god’s way’ but in ‘killtime entertainment material way’. I feel like my life is his 2nd time viewing of a movie. You know, he knows how it ends at the end but he cannot tell you to do or not to do. I wish I could find the person and ask him how my life gonna end up in 10 years time, so badly.

….I’m increasingly nervous as Mark’s scan result will be out in a few hours.

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