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A parcel delivered.

When I came back home from my trip, one of the first things I did was to send a big parcel to my family. What happened? Well, they loved my goodies so much and wanted more! Remember this and this post that I wrote before I went off? (I didn’t bring everything I mentioned here but most of them.)

To recap, I will tell you what I put in the parcel. BTW, they received it a few days ago and were very happy with the contents.

1. Ventresca & Bonito del Norte tunas: My sister described it ‘Oh God, all the tunas we’ve eaten so far were rubbish!’ Hahaha yes, this is gorgeous.

2. Piquitos: You will be first served with a little basket full of piquitos and rolls before ordering, at any restaurant in Spain. They are dry breadsticks and can be eaten with dips or as its own. Yums!

3. Pimientos del piquillo: I love these peppers. They are naturally sweet and juicy. They are fire roasted, hence keep its slightly burnt flavour. They can be served as ‘stuffed peppers’ or sliced ones are used in a refreshing salad. How versatile!

4. Olives: What more can I say? I love buying olives from a local market. They come in different flavours and sizes. It’s a staple for Spaniards. Life without olives/olive oil? Can’t imagine.

 Most of them were water/oil based, thus they were on the heavy side. It was around 11kg and cost me £67.52 via EMS. Not bad at all.  It was the least I could do for them.





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