ordinary and oddinary

I write therefore I exist.

Not quite back to normal.

I haven’t been feeling like myself at all since my return from the hols.  My routine has collapsed completely and I’m pretty tired every day. My life is running me not the other way around. 

I used to get up at 6:00 am or even earlier, but now I would do anything to stay a few more minutes in bed – Shamley I get up at 8:45am.
Therefore I go to work late all the time. I make Mark go to work late as a result.
I go to gym during lunch time or after work. This one I’m trying very hard to keep it up.

I hardly eat anything during the daytime.
In the morning, I have a cup of tea or, very rarely decaf americano. I have some nibbles later in the afternoon, but that’s it. Apart from drinking 3-4 bottles of water, I don’t feel like eating at all till I get home.  Once I get home, I cannot get my hands off from food (well until I feel sick). Though I don’t get to eat too much either because I become full way too quickly. It’s almost upsetting considering that I’ve brought quite a selection of goodies and my mom’s food parcel also arrived yesterday. 

I look through my wardrobe, there are quite a few new items I haven’t worn. They are very colourful and refreshing but what I wear everyday is…something safe. Ideally I need to put together those clothes and prepare the night before.

 Ah, I’ve transferred one of the last batches (hopefully!) of funds to my credit card. We both had a fantastic holiday but it didn’t arrive cheaply. Since we both were very generous with everybody, the total expenses were more or less equivalent to 4 Chanel Maxi bags. There will be Mark’s UK trip for a checkup in May, the figure will go up more. We get paid to pay off credit card bills for now. You know I cannot stand credit card balance.

This morning I had to get up super early because Mark had two medical appointments and I was too nervous to be late. Later Mark got another appointment and I’ve got a Spanish class.

I dream of my retirement.

Realistically, I will need to work another 10 years to retire and be able to do things purely for pleasure, not for money. Luckily I’ve won a Euromillion €147 (my potion €21 only) today, my ambitious plan will be a little bit accelerated. How great…




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