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Random Kindness

Yesterday the border queue was absolutely horrendous.

It must have been a madrush out because Spain’s Easter holiday starts from Thursday, one day before Gibraltar’s.  Anyway, not grasping the seriousness of the situation, we still decided to go out to Spain to buy some goodies for my family. First, we had a bite at a very nice tapas bar at Ocean viliage in Gibraltar and joined the queue at about 8:45pm.  Then I realised that Mercadona closes at 9:15pm!

We arrived at a nearby Mercadona at 9:00pm and ran like a headless chicken to get piquilo peppers, piquitos, and the usual groceries. I wanted to go to Carrefour as well, so the time was really tight. I picked a till where a few men with a small basket were standing while checking my wrist watch.

Then, one gentlman standing before me turned and asked me ‘Tiene prisa? (Are you in a hurry?’. I answered ‘Si, un poquito, (Yes, a little bit).  You know what he did? He said, ‘Pase, pase por favor (Go ahead)’.  – How nice is that!

I love this sort of random kindness. Well, Mark said (which I don’t mind accepting, ha ha ha!) it’s because I am pretty and cute. 🙂  However, I come across this very often in Spain, not particularily in any other places.

Another reson why I love Spain and Spanish people.




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