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A parcel delivered.

When I came back home from my trip, one of the first things I did was to send a big parcel to my family. What happened? Well, they loved my goodies so much and wanted more! Remember this and this post that I wrote before I went off? (I didn’t bring everything I mentioned here but most of them.)

To recap, I will tell you what I put in the parcel. BTW, they received it a few days ago and were very happy with the contents.

1. Ventresca & Bonito del Norte tunas: My sister described it ‘Oh God, all the tunas we’ve eaten so far were rubbish!’ Hahaha yes, this is gorgeous.

2. Piquitos: You will be first served with a little basket full of piquitos and rolls before ordering, at any restaurant in Spain. They are dry breadsticks and can be eaten with dips or as its own. Yums!

3. Pimientos del piquillo: I love these peppers. They are naturally sweet and juicy. They are fire roasted, hence keep its slightly burnt flavour. They can be served as ‘stuffed peppers’ or sliced ones are used in a refreshing salad. How versatile!

4. Olives: What more can I say? I love buying olives from a local market. They come in different flavours and sizes. It’s a staple for Spaniards. Life without olives/olive oil? Can’t imagine.

 Most of them were water/oil based, thus they were on the heavy side. It was around 11kg and cost me £67.52 via EMS. Not bad at all.  It was the least I could do for them.





I don’t like VPLs.

I don’t get it.

When you wear tight almost see througgh-ish beige trousers, you need to be very careful with what you’re wearing underneath, i.e. panties. Today there are two girls who wear beige trousers with a cristal clear VPL (=Visual Panty Line) on within my sight. That’s a fashion terror I must say.

For all occasions, the safe choice of underwear is a plain skin coloured no VPL one. Don’t wear white panties when your put on white trousers. That makes your bum area even whiter and look even more obvious.


Not quite back to normal.

I haven’t been feeling like myself at all since my return from the hols.  My routine has collapsed completely and I’m pretty tired every day. My life is running me not the other way around. 

I used to get up at 6:00 am or even earlier, but now I would do anything to stay a few more minutes in bed – Shamley I get up at 8:45am.
Therefore I go to work late all the time. I make Mark go to work late as a result.
I go to gym during lunch time or after work. This one I’m trying very hard to keep it up.

I hardly eat anything during the daytime.
In the morning, I have a cup of tea or, very rarely decaf americano. I have some nibbles later in the afternoon, but that’s it. Apart from drinking 3-4 bottles of water, I don’t feel like eating at all till I get home.  Once I get home, I cannot get my hands off from food (well until I feel sick). Though I don’t get to eat too much either because I become full way too quickly. It’s almost upsetting considering that I’ve brought quite a selection of goodies and my mom’s food parcel also arrived yesterday. 

I look through my wardrobe, there are quite a few new items I haven’t worn. They are very colourful and refreshing but what I wear everyday is…something safe. Ideally I need to put together those clothes and prepare the night before.

 Ah, I’ve transferred one of the last batches (hopefully!) of funds to my credit card. We both had a fantastic holiday but it didn’t arrive cheaply. Since we both were very generous with everybody, the total expenses were more or less equivalent to 4 Chanel Maxi bags. There will be Mark’s UK trip for a checkup in May, the figure will go up more. We get paid to pay off credit card bills for now. You know I cannot stand credit card balance.

This morning I had to get up super early because Mark had two medical appointments and I was too nervous to be late. Later Mark got another appointment and I’ve got a Spanish class.

I dream of my retirement.

Realistically, I will need to work another 10 years to retire and be able to do things purely for pleasure, not for money. Luckily I’ve won a Euromillion €147 (my potion €21 only) today, my ambitious plan will be a little bit accelerated. How great…



Penélope Cruz doesn’t want to raise her children in LA.


Today I’m having lots of Penélope Cruz doses! 🙂

While I was browsing my beloved abc.es website, I found this article. Basically she and her husband Javier Bardem don’t want to bring up their children in LA. I think it’s only natural that you feel more comfortable in your home country. Since you can get anything & everything you want in your home country, I fully understand their future plan to move back to Madrid.

Thousands of Europeans would love to retire, or have already retired, in Spain.  At the moment Spain is going through an economically challenging time, which it will be better with time, Spain has plenty to offer as a country. Call me biased but I adore Spain and its culture. 🙂


La actriz revela en una entrevista que abandonará la ciudad en un futuro

El pequeño Leo, hijo de Penélope Cruz y Javier Bardem, ha sido siempre uno de los secretos mejor guardados de la pareja de actores. La española no ha querido nunca revelar datos de su vida privada (ya conocer el nombre de su primogénito supuso bastante esfuerzo para la prensa), aunque en esta ocasión se ha permitido el lujo de dar ciertas pinceladas sobre la que será su vida futura junto a su esposo y su hijo.

Ha sido en la reivsta HarperŽs Bazaar, en la que Cruz ha asegurado que su plan de vida no pasa por continuar viviendo en Los Ángeles. «He pasado muy buenos momentos aquí, pero no me gustaría vivir aquí, pues no es el lugar en el que quiero que crezcan mis hijos». Como había dejado ver la pareja en más de una ocasión, parece que a los españoles les gustaría trasladarse de manera definitiva a Madrid.

Durante la entrevista, la española se define como una persona constantemente preocupada por todo. «Vivo preocupada cada día, e intento tener menos miedos y menos preocupaciones, pero es mi naturaleza», asegura.

Penélope Cruz becomes a singer!

Penélope Cruz se une a la lista de actrices-cantantes
(Penélope Cruz joins the actress-singer list)

I like Penélope Cruz as an actress. This should be a basic thing to do for an actor, but you know it’s not always like that, she acts really well in my opinion. I don’t remember what was my first movie experience with her, however, I was never disappointed with her performance so far. Recently I watched (again) ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ on dvd and I had to admit that I was absolutely amazed with her interpretation of María Elena. 

How about ‘Jamón Jamón’? It could have been just an exotic-erotic foreign film but honestly I believe she upgraded it to a rather complicated artisctic film. Well, I don’t discount Javier Bardem either. I truly believe he is a marvelous actor too.

I don’t see her mannerism in any of her movies. She becomes the cast she is supposed to potray, not Penélope Cruz as a person. That’s why I love so much about her. I lose Penélope Cruz in her films. I only remember her as the character in that film.

Anyway, she’s debuting as a singer! Apprently she sang a few times in public which I didn’t know. I really hope she does well and I’m looking forward to her album, which goes out to sale in June.

You can read the whole article here.


Penélope Cruz se une a la lista de actrices-cantantes

La artista acaba de confirmar que ha grabado un bolero inédito con Miguel Bosé que formará parte de “Papitwo”, el segundo álbum de colaboraciones del cantante que saldrá a la venta en junio.

Primero fueron Juliette Lewis, Scarlett Johansson o, en España, Najwa Nimri y Leonor Watling. La última en probar nuevas modalidades artísticas ha sido Penélope Cruz, quien participará en la segunda parte de Papito, de Miguel Bosé.

La madrileña no ha podido escoger un padrino mejor para probar suerte en este nuevo campo, al menos de una manera más profesional, ya que no será la primera vez que se la vea cantar. Cruz ya hizo sus pinitos en “La niña de tus ojos”, “Volver” o “Nine”, aunque desde luego el más improvisado y natural fue el dueto que llevó a cabo con Goya Toledo en la fiesta posterior al estreno de “Volver”, imitando a las Grecas y con el que no dejaron a nadie indiferente.

En el estreno de “Papitwo”, como ha bautizado Bosé a su segundo álbum de colaboraciones que se lanzará al mercado el 26 de junio, se dice que Penélope interpretará un bolero inédito que, de hecho, ya ha sido grabado en uno de los estudios más importantes del país: PKO.

El resto de nombres que también suenan –aunque sin confirmar- en el trabajo de Miguel Bosé son Malú, Dani Martín, Eros Ramazzotti o Joaquín Sabina, entre otros. Pero, inevitablemente, la duda ahora es: ¿conseguirá el cantante marcarse un triple tanto y subir a la de Alcobendas al escenario de una de sus galas? La respuesta, en agosto, cuando arranque el tour.


Random Kindness

Yesterday the border queue was absolutely horrendous.

It must have been a madrush out because Spain’s Easter holiday starts from Thursday, one day before Gibraltar’s.  Anyway, not grasping the seriousness of the situation, we still decided to go out to Spain to buy some goodies for my family. First, we had a bite at a very nice tapas bar at Ocean viliage in Gibraltar and joined the queue at about 8:45pm.  Then I realised that Mercadona closes at 9:15pm!

We arrived at a nearby Mercadona at 9:00pm and ran like a headless chicken to get piquilo peppers, piquitos, and the usual groceries. I wanted to go to Carrefour as well, so the time was really tight. I picked a till where a few men with a small basket were standing while checking my wrist watch.

Then, one gentlman standing before me turned and asked me ‘Tiene prisa? (Are you in a hurry?’. I answered ‘Si, un poquito, (Yes, a little bit).  You know what he did? He said, ‘Pase, pase por favor (Go ahead)’.  – How nice is that!

I love this sort of random kindness. Well, Mark said (which I don’t mind accepting, ha ha ha!) it’s because I am pretty and cute. 🙂  However, I come across this very often in Spain, not particularily in any other places.

Another reson why I love Spain and Spanish people.



I’m back!

After an incredibly packed and fascinating 2-week holiday in Korea, I’m now back to normal life, as usual, a bit boring and predictable. I’m not putting this in a negative way because I know that Happiness comes with a bit of boredom and predictability. 🙂

My rigorous fitness routine has paid off. I felt healthier than ever over there and haven’t suffered jet lag at all at both sides of journey. On top of that, my bum is so high and tight, hahaha!

I’m so happy knowing that my parents are very well looked after by my sister family. It would be heartbreaking for me if they were not happy and I couldn’t be there.

I will be posting more.






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