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How to wear : The Colour Wheel

I think the easiest way to dress well is to know how to combine colours.
If you’ve got a natural knack for it, you are on the wrond page, but not to worry, we have the Colour Wheel!!

I searched the net and found this article. I think it’s straightforward and clear. The following is the excerpt from the article.

The color wheel is an excellent wardrobe tool! In fact it was one of the first things I learned about back when I studied Image Consulting at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Figuring it out isn’t too complicated. Here’s a quick breakdown:

You can make the following combos using the color wheel as your guide:

1. Colors directly next to each other (i.e. yellow and yellow-orange; yellow and yellow-green; violet and blue-violet, etc.)
2. Colors that form right (90 degree) angles with each other (i.e. yellow and red-orange; blue and violet-red; green and orange, etc.)
3. Colors directly across from each other (i.e. yellow and violet; blue and orange; red and green, etc.)
4. Colors that form a T (i.e. blue, orange, and violet-red; yellow, violet, and red-orange; yellow, blue-green, and red-orange, etc.)
5. Colors that form an X (i.e. blue, orange, violet-red, and yellow, violet, blue-green, and red-orange, etc.)

Since brown is a neutral, it will go with virtually any color on the color wheel. I love to pair a chocolate brown with cobalt blue or fuchsia or bright red—such a fun and bold combo. Of course white, black, and the hues of blue found in denim are also neutrals that go with just about anything.

I like wearing neutral hues (brown, denim and gray) with a bold accent colour. I also like no3 complementary colours because the coordination is so vivid and upbeat. That’s why I need some shopping to do this weekend.

To begin with, I’ve got a couple of lovely orange tops and red wine/burgundy bottoms and I feel I don’t utilise them as much as I would like to. As you can see, I lack yellow/yellow green tops and cobalt blue/blue violet trousers to complement these. Let’s see what I’ll come back with! 🙂


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