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A brief intro of new snack – Cortadillos de Cidra

This is another discovery. Madre mia!

I’ve been gorging on Rosegones for a few weeks and perfectly happy.  However we all know that the world is big and yummies are limitless.

This snack made my last Saturday an absolute delight. It’s called ‘Cortadillos de Cidra’ made by Ines Rosales. This is not Mercadona hacendado, but as this is a traditional cake many different companies will probably make them.

Ines Rosales is an over 100-year-old company located in Sevilla which makes traditional Andalucia desserts such as tortas de aciete, canelas, polvorones, etc. (You can see their products on the webpage here.) Therefore, I don’t know if you could find this brand outside Andalucia, but you can find their products in any supermarket in Andalucia region at least.

When I was carefully browsing around in Mercadona, which I always do every Saturday, this particular name caught my eyes – Cortadillos de Cidra. Cidra..It’s Cider. So I thought it would be like a Spanish apple pie. I also liked the fact it was sin animal grasa (not animal fat) on the packaging.

I scanned the ingredients and got even more intrigued by relleno de cidra (31%): (pulpa de calabaza, azúcar, jarabe de glucosa y fructosa y aroma de limón). Cidra was not what I thought it should be. It’s made of pumpkin pulps (pulpa de calabaza). When I had a bite, it didn’t taste like pumpkin at all and has a very nice texture. A generous amount of cidra is laid between two rectangular shape sweet cakes. And it was very AND very tasty! See below.

My Saturday grocery shopping will definitely include ‘Cortadillos de Cidra’  and ‘Rosegones’.



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6 thoughts on “A brief intro of new snack – Cortadillos de Cidra

  1. Mark on said:

    Rosegones are addictive! I like them a lot!

  2. Mark on said:

    todavia estoy buscando 🙂

  3. What an adventurous snack. I’ll visit for tips about Spanish cooking!

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