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De casi no se muere nadie. (From ‘almost’ nobody dies.)

This is my all time favourite saying.

When I came across this by accident a few years back, It felt like someone hitting on the side of my head. It was so original and ‘succinct’.

We go through many ‘almost’ bad situations in life. We could almost lose a job. We could almost miss a train. We could almost fail an important exam. We could almost get run over. The truth is though, ‘almost’ means nothing, none, nada.

If something bad almost happened to you, it’s the same as it did not happen to you. Almost doesn’t mean anything, absolutely nothing. It happens or doesn’t happen. You did or didn’t. 

Being a morbid (!) person I am, I interpret this saying both ways. I mean ‘De casi no se muere nadie’ or ‘De casi no se vive nadie’. Nobody dies or lives from ‘almost’.

You almost won the lottery because the last digit was only three numbers away. Well you didn’t win the lottery then, did you? So stop despairing and going around telling all your colleagues. It’s OK. No pasa nada.

Therefore, when something happens or doesn’t happen, accept the results and move on. It doesn’t matter how close you’re to the defining line. What matters is how you take it from there and carry on with a positive note.


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2 thoughts on “De casi no se muere nadie. (From ‘almost’ nobody dies.)

  1. Mark on said:

    Could not agree more

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