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Declutter! (3) : Wardrobe


We all have something to say about it, don’t we?

I would like to talk about ‘wardrobe’. Here ‘wardrobe’ means absolutely everything with which you can put on when you leave your house, such as clothes, shoes, bags, accesories, hats, etc.

I believe that for a girl your wardrobe runs far deeper than you may think. It generally reflects who you are as a person but also shows the current or specific issues you have right now. Just from my personal experience, I could write a dissertation about it (I may in the future if time permits! lol), but today I will focus on the topic – How to declutter your wardrobe?

Firstly, we need to do a wardrobe audit.

Analyse what you’ve got. Buy a reporter’s pad (A5 notepad) and make a little chart and bullet point a few headings:

1. Items I love and wear frequently.
2. Items I love but don’t wear very often.
3. Items I’ve never worn.
4. Items I don’t wear any more.

And start writing down the characteristics of each items and reasons in details. If you like a particular combination, write down that too. Make a complete look including shoes, bag and accessories. It is also a good idea to put in a little drawing with coloured pencils.

You will be surprised to see a quite interesting pattern in each category.

You will realise that you’ve never worn the jacket you bought from the last winter sale because you don’t have the right skirt to go with. You have a perfectly nice pencil skirt but it makes your bum looks bigger. You’ve got a beautiful jumper as its own but it’s a difficult colour to match with any of your trousers you own. Maybe the turquoise top you bought from Next makes you look even paler. How about the pair of sexy kill heels that gives you nasty humongous blisters every time you wear it?

By analysing your wardrobe, you will find out 1) flattering colours 2) the whole coordination as a ‘look’ 3) best cuts/patterns to say the least.

Caution for #2: There may be some items strictly for certain occasions – formal parties, funerals, balls, you know what I mean. I deliberately keep certain items aside so that I don’t mix them for day to day use and wear them appropriately and neatly when an occasion arises.

Obviously what you need to focus on is the first items – the ones you love and wear frequently – and to eliminate the rest .

Keep the note pad handy and remember when you’re tempted to buy a spangled skimpy top you see at Top Shop. Don’t make a costly mistake again!

However, to wear them with a style, i.e. to be a fashionista, is a different matter all together. That should be in a different post ‘how to look stylish’ which I may write some time later. You could read books/magazines or even hire a stylist if you are very serious about it. What I usually do is that I take a photo of any look I like, either from a magazine or street, with my iPhone and save it under my Fashion folder. That way I have something to refer to in order to get some inspiration.

When you’ve done a thorough analysis, it’s time to get rid of rubbish. I know it sounds harsh but here rubbish means that items you don’t wear (maybe never/any more). It doesn’t matter how much you paid for in the first place, but if you don’t wear them for whatever reasons that falls into rubbish.

If there is any item that you haven’t worn for the last three years, time to chuck. You can give away to charity shops or your friends, or even sell them. It’s better find somebody who can give life to your unloved stuff. Don’t think twice, just get them out of your sight. The fashion might come back? Yes it might. However, unless you’re Rachel Zoe, it’s impossible to pull off that look with your OLD (not vintage) items. You can buy them again if you like that fashion so much. Let them go and free up your precious space. Items you have immense sentimental value attached to? Take photos and write down everything about it – when you bought it, where you wore it, how much you paid for it, things you liked about and so on. Make an album (online preferably) then off it goes.

Once you’ve finished a wardrobe decluttering, you will be left with all the items you love.

Look after them. Keep them in mint condition so that you always feel great in them.


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