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La doctora Carneiro, nueva figura del fútbol inglés (Dr. Carneiro, a new figure of EPL)

Without a doubt, football is the biggest sport in Spain, like in England. Lots of men are obsessed with it and religiously follow their teams and matches. When there is a match between Real Madrid v FC Barcelona, the whole country goes crazy.

Today I’ve read an interesting article on ABC.es.
There is this female Spanish doctor who’s heading Chelsea FC’s medical team. It’s rare and that’s why it’s a news. That’s not it. More importantly, she’s steamy HOT!  I’m 100% sure that her appearances must have made this (more) newsworthy. 😉 Here is the article.

Eva Carneiro, al frente del cuerpo médico del Chelsea, revoluciona los diarios sensacionalistas británicos

En las noticias laterales, Eva Carneiro es la nueva figura del fútbol inglés. Está al frente del cuerpo médico del Chelsea F.C. desde que el verano pasado Villas Boas la ascendió al primer equipo (pertenecía al club desde 2009, tras su trabajo, entre otros, con los atletas británicos en Pekín 2008). Mientras Villas Boas y Torres languidecen, ella asciende.

El martes pasado la vimos saltar al campo para atender a Mata en el Nápoles-Chelsea de Champions. Por supuesto, son los diarios sensacionalistas ingleses los que más la jalean. Es guapa, claro. De hecho, en Facebook hay un grupo con el nombre ‘The hot doctor of Chelsea’. Pero también llama la atención por mujer. El fútbol es un mundo de hombres hasta cuando es de mujeres.

En el mundial femenino de Alemania, de 16 equipos, solo seis estaban entrenados por mujeres. Una de ellas, Carolina Morace (Canadá), que en 1999 entrenó al Viterbese, un tercera italiano. En España también hacemos noticia de la presencia en la selección campeona del mundo de Silvia Dorchnerova, la delegada del equipo, y de Paloma Antoranz, la jefa de prensa. Quizá haya un día en que estas cosas no sean noticia.

A brief intro of new snack – Cortadillos de Cidra

This is another discovery. Madre mia!

I’ve been gorging on Rosegones for a few weeks and perfectly happy.  However we all know that the world is big and yummies are limitless.

This snack made my last Saturday an absolute delight. It’s called ‘Cortadillos de Cidra’ made by Ines Rosales. This is not Mercadona hacendado, but as this is a traditional cake many different companies will probably make them.

Ines Rosales is an over 100-year-old company located in Sevilla which makes traditional Andalucia desserts such as tortas de aciete, canelas, polvorones, etc. (You can see their products on the webpage here.) Therefore, I don’t know if you could find this brand outside Andalucia, but you can find their products in any supermarket in Andalucia region at least.

When I was carefully browsing around in Mercadona, which I always do every Saturday, this particular name caught my eyes – Cortadillos de Cidra. Cidra..It’s Cider. So I thought it would be like a Spanish apple pie. I also liked the fact it was sin animal grasa (not animal fat) on the packaging.

I scanned the ingredients and got even more intrigued by relleno de cidra (31%): (pulpa de calabaza, azúcar, jarabe de glucosa y fructosa y aroma de limón). Cidra was not what I thought it should be. It’s made of pumpkin pulps (pulpa de calabaza). When I had a bite, it didn’t taste like pumpkin at all and has a very nice texture. A generous amount of cidra is laid between two rectangular shape sweet cakes. And it was very AND very tasty! See below.

My Saturday grocery shopping will definitely include ‘Cortadillos de Cidra’  and ‘Rosegones’.


What do I live for?

Last night, my dear friend Les, who also learns Flamenco with me, texted me. Well, we’ve been dancing and drinking (not in reverse order…well, sometimes lol) every Friday since forever, hence it’s become our weekly ritual. This is the exact transcription of our text conversation.

Les: Ready for tomorrow!!

Me: Yes and yes! Can’t wait x

Les: yeh!! Xxx

Me: I live for Fri, Sat and Sundays lol xx c u then xx

Les: Ha ha ha how sad are we 🙂 🙂 🙂

Me: Oh no before Flamenco, it was just for Sat and Sun hahaha Let’s be happy with this groundbreaking upgrade lol xxx

Les: Xxxxx see you tomorrow xxx

Now if I find something great Thursday, I live for more than half of each and every week.  After that, Wednesday, Tuesday, and Monday!!

Boy, that will be a bit boring (!). I want to reserve something special for ‘what I live for’. 🙂

Bill Gates visita a Rajoy en La Moncloa. (Bill Gates visits Rajoy in La Moncloa)

Bill Gates is in Mardid and is going to meet the Spanish president Mariano Rajoy this afternoon. Not that I’m the number 1 fan of Bill Gates, but it feels nice to know that somebody internationally famous is currently over here. 🙂

He said the Spaniards are very solitary, I think ‘charitable’ is more commonly used rather than ‘solitary’, and I agree. I adore the Spaniards. From my experience, they are genuine and personal. Here personal means they take your matters to heart and symphathise with you. So you don’t want to upset those warm-hearted people. 🙂  Below is an article from ABC.es here.

Bill Gates visita a Rajoy en La Moncloa, “impresionado” por la solidaridad española.

Un Bill Gates «impresionado» por la solidaridad de los españoles visita este mediodía el Palacio de La Moncloa, invitado por Mariano Rajoy. El cofundador de Microsoft se declaró anoche en su cuenta de Twitter «impresionado por la solidaridad de los españoles con los más pobres», a pesar de los «tiempos duros». El empresario y filántropo estadounidense se refería así a los resultados de una encuesta publicada este martes por Unicef España y la Fundación Bill y Melinda Gates y realizada por la consultora YouGov, según la cual el 74% de los españoles apoya la ayuda al desarrollo a pesar de la difícil situación económica.

Antes de su encuentro con Rajoy -previsto para la una de la tarde-, Gates se reunirá durante su visita a Madrid con el Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores, José Manuel García-Margallo.

Gates visita La Moncloa a iniciativa de Rajoy para dialogar con el nuevo Gobierno de España sobre su compromiso con la ayuda exterior. Participará en una presentación y posterior debate con responsables de políticas de desarrollo y líderes de opinión acerca del impacto que la ayuda española tiene a la hora de salvar vidas y cómo se puede aumentar su efectividad. «Como uno de los países más generosos a nivel mundial, España ha demostrado tener un profundo sentido de la solidaridad con las personas más necesitadas en todo el mundo. Quiero animar a España a que siga construyendo sobre la base de lo ya conseguido […] manteniendo su financiación en salud y desarrollo a nivel mundial, incluso en estos tiempos tan difíciles», explicó Gates antes de la cita de hoy.

Bill Gates es el cofundador de la empresa de software Microsoft, productora del sistema operativo para ordenadores personales más utilizado en el mundo, Microsoft Windows. El empresario estadounidense fue galardonado en 2006 con el Premio Príncipe de Asturias de Cooperación Internacional, por la labor que realiza, junto a su esposa, Melinda Gates, a través de la fundación Bill y Melinda Gates, dedicada a proyectos de salud y educación en las zonas más desfavorecidas. Se trata, además, del segundo hombre más rico del mundo según la revista Forbes.

Feng shui Bagua – home arrangement (1)

Feng shui literally means ‘wind: 風’ and water ‘水’ in Chinese, which are considered to be two most paramount elements of nature.  It deals with how to balance and create the harmonious flow of the energies in the space you inhabit and all the things that surround yourself to ensure the health and good fortune come to you, just like the flow of water and wind. On a practical level, it gives you a good guideline how to arrange your daily elements in your house and helps you declutter things which block the flow of the energies.

I notice that on recent years Feng Shui has become very fashionable in the West, which reminds me of this neurotic Spanish woman I saw on  TVE1’s ‘Comando Actualidad’ the other day. She was interviewing a Filipino couple for the live-in domestic help position and showed them around the house explaining what has to be done on a daily basis. Then she told the couple in a very firm and condescending manner that this furniture must not be moved even 1 millimeter while cleaning because the whole layout was very strictly Feng Shui-ed! I OMG. I had to laugh.

source: google image

In order to apply Feng Shui in an easy and funcional way to your home, in fact this is the main reason of this post, I recommend the Feng Shui (風水) Bagua (八卦) , which means ‘wind’ ‘water’ ‘eight’ ‘areas’ altogether. The Feng Shui Bagua is a map of how energy moves within any given space. Natural flow like wind and water in eight areas of life which serve the centre ‘Health/Well-being’
Your home is sectioned as below and each square represents an aspect of life .

source: google image

The important thing is that your front door should be aligned with the bottom three, either knowledge, Career or Helpful People. You will understand better if you look at the diagram below.

source: google image

 There is a wealth of information on the net if you want to know more about each individual segment of the Bagua. I will link two web pages. This and This. 🙂

Basically, if you have a particularly cluttered area in your house as per the Bagua map above, it requires your urgent attention.  You see? The Feng Shui Bagua is naturally destined to decluttering. 

So how did I apply it to my home?
More importantly, is it working? 

1. Fame & Health (Well-being)

When I analysed my floor plan to the Feng Shui Bagua map, what I began to do was to clear out Health (Well-being) area. This is foremost as it affects every aspect of your life. 

I had a L-shaped kitchen unit with a small breakfast table attached on top and a yellow cabinet housing all sort of expensive crystals and plates facing the side of the unit at the borderline between Health and Career.

It created a little alleyway from the study to the kitchen. But it was a bit obstructive for big, tall and wonky-walking Mark. First thing first. I cleared out ancient stuff inside the unit. It’s like a hidden world. The inner space was difficult to reach and the stuff inside was totally forgotten and deserted. I cleared out most of the clutter and moved keepers close to the door so that I could reach any time when I needed. I also moved the yellow cabinet further into ‘Health’ and filled it with more day-to-day items.

Now we have a spacious passage which flows better to the kitchen and to the living/dining area. My kitchen is spotless and I only have what I need in this area. You can refer to my previous post regarding Kitchen here.

My kitchen is in ‘Fame’ and most of ‘Health’. So I should be famous by now, shouldn’t I? Haha, nah. ‘Fame’ represents not just popularity, but also aspiration, self-esteem and self-perception. I think I’m becoming a lot clearer about what I’m good at and what I’m enjoying the most. When it come to ‘Health’, we eat better and healthier. My fridge is less crowded. I have used up a big chunk of food stock. So far so good. I hope this keeps on working and Mark is given the all clear this May.

2. Career

Our front entrance is somewhere between ‘Career’ and ‘Helpful People (travel)’. Apparently this is good. The energy come through from the door to ‘Career’.

The major part of ‘Career’ is our study area. Well it’s mostly used by Mark. There is a long desk where half of it is taken up by a computer and the other half by Mark’s hobby things. A small metal cabinet is on the left side which stores important paperwork and documents, and another cabinet on the right side, which recently relocated from the bathroom, is being used as a display unit for Mark’s small models and figures. Before it was moved, there used to be CD racks installed into the wall and I hated them. I took them off and moved the CDs to the living room, just right next to the stereo. It felt fantastic.

However, I still have my doubts about ‘Career’. Perhaps because I haven’t been feeling fantastic about how my career progresses at the moment. I guess Mark’s career seems to benefit more from the ‘Career’ energy. Maybe the fact that this area contains barely nothing of mine demonstrates detachment and nonchalance towards my job?  Whatever it is, I will need to work on this area a bit more. There is a small alcove on the left side of the desk which is hidden by a curtain. I know the shelf units inside require good clearing out –  so I will start from there.

(To be continued)

Grocery shopping – Morrisons vs. Mercadona

Thanks to the location I am in, I have more options in shopping in two countries: Gibraltar & Spain. It’s great in general, but not always straightforward for grocery shopping. A wise man once said ‘Ignorance is bliss’, right? 🙂

There is only one ‘proper’ supermarket in Gibraltar, which is Morrisons. It has a good selection of products. It’s not huge but well organised and well catered for different types of domestic necessities. Products are generally reliable and their cafeteria is very handy. Oh let’s not forget the nice bakery section.

However, I don’t buy everything from Morrisons. It’s convenient to head there rather than go to Spain to bring stuff back, but there are a couple of things I would like to pinpoint, and I ‘wishfully’ think Morrisons management take notice of them.

First of all, it’s pricing. I mean the opportunity is there. It’s a downright monopoly, isn’t it? No ASDA, no Sainsbury’s, and no Tesco. Morrisions doesn’t have a competitor in Gibraltar.
As a big supermarket chain, they will probably have to make the prices of most products in line with the mainland stores, however, who regulates it and how do we know that we’re paying the same for a carton of milk as the consumers in Norwich? Actually we know that we’re not paying the same. I read an article about the discrepancies in price amongst Morrisions stores from a local newspaper and Gibraltar was wholeheartedly contributing to their profit generation.

Some of the products can be easily compared to the counterparts in Spain. One might say it’s all about quality but how come a bunch of grapes could exhibit more than £3 difference per kilo? Then there are products which are cheaper in Gibraltar. So is it an arbitrage equilibrium then? I don’t think so. The pricing tends to be biased towards basic essential products, and for the rest we are too busy to check all the prices over two different markets in two different jurisdictions and currency zones.

Gibraltar is a multicultural society. Morrisons reflects that. I have few problems sourcing exotic ingredients from there, which gives a big advantage against Spanish ones. Actually it’s not 100% true any more. Nowadays there are so many expats living on the coast, many Spanish supermarkets have adapted to their consumers’ needs. I’d say Hipercor (El Corte Ingles supermarket) and Carrefour are the leaders.

Secondly (but lastly, yes I’m complaining about only two!), it’s the market control. There must be a better term for this and I should know for an (ancient) marketing major, but anyway their timing of some production is questionable. One corner I like a lot at Morrisions is a roast chicken counter. They roast whole chickens, chicken parts and some pork parts. They smell nice and are so fresh. The oven is always roasting something, you know it’s in rolling motion. That’s why it quizzes me even more.

Why do they not have my favorite chicken thighs at lunch time? Or rather, why do they not have anything left when I turn up at lunch time?
They are usually all sold out or some dry unappetising pieces left. There is absolute abundance of whole roast chickens at any time but I cannot buy and eat it for my lunch. I want a meal deal composed of a few chicken thighs or drumsticks with a containerful of chips. I’m not the only one. I saw many disappointed faces turning away due to lack of chicken parts for lunch. There is a clearly lucrative (=desperate!) market there and Morrisons don’t seem to care to exploit it. Their attitude is like, ‘We make chicken roasts whenever we feel like it.’ No market research or strategy involved in this area, I have to say.

Well I see the same at bakery section. My favourite rolls are always unavailable and they tend to make an offer of £1.29 for 5 (undesired and boring) rolls. Duh! I’m sure that I’m not the only one that is fond of that particular bread roll. I want my roll, not just any roll!

I would say that I do 85% of the major grocery shopping in Spain and 15% in Morrisons. What I usually buy at Morrisons are stuff which are not available or more expensive in Spain (snacks of British origin, i.e. walkers, tofu, bean sprouts, most of Asian ingredients, kitchen stuff etc.) or it has better selection (apples and some vegetables) or transportability (fresh meat, frozen stuff, bottled drinks, etc). Of course these are not set-in-stone rules as shopping is not always a rational activity.

In Spain, my favourite supermarket by a large margin is Mercadona, followed by Hipercor and Carrefour. I like the localness and humbleness of Mercadona. They have a huge range of ‘Hacendado (own brand)’ products and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with their quality. It feels like a less posh version of Marks & Spencer’s.

source: google image

To tell the truth, I wanted to write about this snack called ‘Rosegones‘, then the post got out of control again, intertwining with my deep-rooted rants against Morrisons!

OK, here is my (sort of) deduction.
I’ve recently discovered this delightful ‘Rosegones’, of course it’s hacendado. This tastes similar to biscotti but it is more rustic and has generous almond quantity. Also it feels unpretentious enough not to be accompanied with an illy espresso. If you can, get one from any Mercadona. It’s located in the breakfast/cereal section. If you can’t, make your own using this Spanish recipe webpage. It doesn’t look too complicated to make. It’s apparently a typical Valencian dessert eaten around Christmas. Yum Yum Yum!

Source: google image

Does ‘coincidence’ exist?

This morning on the way to work, I was carrying two bags on my right lower arm.  I was walking fast and suddenly felt some heavy-ish ‘thud’ on my arm and stopped walking. And I look at it and saw something not very pretty sitting on it. – It was a pile of seagull poop! It landed on my tan leather jacket sleeve. Some people might say it means good luck but hey, I’m the one got POOPED on!

As I was a lift (=elevator) ride away, I ran and quickly got into one. I didn’t have any clean tissue on me, so my best shot was to go to the work and sort it out in the bathroom.

After this morning disaster is handled, I sat down at my desk and thought about something deeper than the bird poo.

Does ‘coincidence’ really exist or our whole life is one big conspiracy theory that everything is all mapped out already?

I tracked back to the scene where I got pooped on. It landed on the sleeve, not on the straps of my bags. One of them was fabric and the other one leather, and it would have been more annoying if had fallen on them. What if it had splashed on my head? That would’ve been a real shitty experience, yet my head was only as close as 15cm away from the crime scene. I was going to wear a recently bought Adolfo Dominguez coat as it felt cold but I changed my mind to put this reasonably old Zara tan leather jacket, because its colour matched better with my trousers.

What could I have done not to be at that wrong time in that wrong place? Let’s go back to when I left home. This morning I had to take a bag of rubbish to the communal collection area.  Then I had a little quarrel with Mark in the car regarding some house chore. Therefore I started my car 3 minutes later than usual. How about this? When I parked my car close to work and started walking towards the work building, I decided to cross the road using the zebra crossing. I don’t normally use this because there’s not much traffic around this time. In addition, it was demarcated about a week ago, it was a new thing for me to get accustomed to as well.  There are three sets of grand staircases I can use to go up to the work building, and today I decided to use the middle one, which is closest to the zebra crossing. I normally use the right side one.

So after I crossed the zebra and carried on walking to reach the beginning of the middle staircase, BOOM! There you go. I got pooped on.

Everything what I did in the morning somehow contributed and led to this event, didn’t it? It felt like a chemical explosion from every little ingredient I put in. Yes I could have avoided the whole poop thing, but I didn’t, did I? The important thing is that it happened. Out of this bad luck, I’m actually glad that I wasn’t wearing my AD coat and it didn’t fall on my LV bag’s leather straps. 

So back to my question.
Was it all a coincidence? Or was it fated? 

I don’t know. All I know at the moment is that I could use a warm cup of tea and I hate Mondays! 😦

Chronicle of a lazy cook

Who doesn’t but I like eating good food.

I like cooking too, but as a full time working woman, for me cooking every night is an uninspiring yet (mostly) inevitable process which I do my very best to make efficient, effective and streamlined.

Hence, what I always look out for is how to cook smart and fast and with which ingredients I can achieve this. Of course it has to be tasty. I hate eating tasteless food just because I’m hungry. I’d rather not eat and be famished. Luckily I am a good cook and Mark is a grateful eater. With this marvelous combination, my cooking is as less stressful as it can get for a married working woman.

Sometimes I wonder what if I had married a Korean man and lived in Korea. Don’t get me wrong. Korea is a wonderful country and a fascinating destination for a holiday. However, life in Korea as a married working woman is hard. If you have a full title of ‘married full time working mum’, that’s thousand times worse. It’s because everybody expects you to be a superwoman (pressure pressure!) and it’s taken for granted. Put it this way – if you fail to become one, you’re not only ‘okayed’ but also considered to be an unforgivable sinner. When it comes to food preparation, it’s tormenting. Well, it’s better explained a bit more. I will give you an example how Koreans eat.

Typically each and every meal is composed of a bowl of rice, a clear soup (could be meat-based/seafood based or miso based), a main focal dish, a Kimchi (there are many kinds) and three or four different small side dishes (they are called ‘banchan‘). There are a range of banchans you can make, the whole table could go as simple as from this (source: google image) –

To this (source: google image).

And it is not even close to the maximum extent you can go. Practically there’s no limit how far you can go.

My mum used to do that all the time and my family just ate it and sometimes demanded what they wanted to eat. She had to develop different banchans to satisfy picky clients. When I was at school, she even had to make a lunch box on a daily basis. At some point, she had to make six lunch/dinner boxes for my brother, sister and myself due to our timely age gaps! It’s not a simple ham and cheese sandwich with an apple like you see here in the western country. It’s a scale-down proper meal including everything we eat at home. Something like this. (By the way I’ve come across this lovely blog about delicious Korean foods and recipes while I was looking for a lunch box photo.)

Food is a big deal in Korea.

I will probably have to dedicate a few separate posts to Korean cuisine alone. As you can imagine, I was supposed to become like my mum when I grew up though I never thought I could be as capable as her. I admired her as a skilled cook and all, but on the other hand I saw the whole food preparation thing as a tremendous burden. I thought to myself, ‘Things should be simple or there should be a way of making it simple, shouldn’t it? If not, it’s not worth doing it so let other experts do it, i.e.pay. :-).’

Anyway whether it was a coincidence or my subconscious enforcement of avoiding it all, Mark happens to be non-Korean and he doesn’t have a childhood memory of ‘his mother’s grand dinner with twenty-odds banchans’. I must say it’s quite liberating for me.

As I posted here, I don’t spend too much time in cooking. I leave ‘extravagant’ cooking to special occasions like Sandra’s birthday and I plan them well in advance.

Today I’ve found an interesting article on the net and read it with a smile on because these are already my favourite ingredients. I believe you don’t have to spend tons of money to get well-fed day in and day out. You can make a yummy and nutritiously balanced dish out of cheap and fresh ingredients. Once you’re well fed it doesn’t matter if it was a boeuf bourguignon or a lobster with chardonnay sauce. After a 15 minutes of chewing and swallowing activities, the only sensation left to you will be how satisfied you are. If you have a special dish on a special day, that will be more meaningful – at least I think so. 🙂

Below is the original post and I copied and pasted the summary.

1. If You Want Fiber, Buy Dried Black Beans.
2. If You Want Fiber, Buy Popcorn Kernels.
3. If You Want Protein, Buy Eggs.
4. If You Want Protein, Buy Canned Tuna (water packed).
5. If You Want Calcium, Buy Nonfat Milk.
6. If You Want Calcium, Yogurt.
7. If You Want Vitamin A, Buy Canned Pumpkin.
8. If You Want Potassium, Buy Potatoes.
As I write this post, I’ve also found this article elsewhere. This sounds pretty good and… surprise surprise! – I frequently use them too apart from Tofu (not available all the time) and Coffee (not a coffee drinker any more).

El verdadero nombre de los famosos (The real names of celebrities)

I think it’s useful to know these for an unexpected attendance in ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ or a Trivia pursuit  night at a local pub. 🙂

I post the original link here – it’s a slide show article with an individual photo for each celebrity.

Demi Moore – Demetria Gene Guynes
Tina Turner – Anna Mae Bullock  
Carmen Electra – Tara Leigh Patrick 
Meg Ryan – Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra
Vin Diesel – Mark Sinclair Vincent
Miley Cyrus – Destiny Hope  
Woody Allen – Allan Stewart Konigsberg
Jennifer Aniston – Jennifer Joanna Anastassakis
Natalie Portman – Natalie Hershlag 
Katy Perry – Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson
Whoopi Goldberg – Caryn Elaine Johnson
Brigitte Bardot – Camille Javal
Jodie Foster – Alicia Christian



Can you use body lotion on your face?

This morning I was putting The White Company’s Flowers Hand & Nail cream – by the way this cream is heavily frangranced with a bit of posh note – on my hands and wondering what is the real difference between hand cream and facial cream. Instinctively I don’t use hand cream on my face and I think I shouldn’t but I wanted to know so that I can explain when I’m asked. I searched some info on the internet and found this.

This explicates the difference very clearly and states why you shouldn’t use body lotion (or hand lotion) on our face. I copied the original article and pasted as below.

Why would anyone want to use their hand lotion or body moisturizer on their face you may ask. Well, out of convenience is my guess. Like my husband, who used the Sukin Hydrating Body Lotion I passed him and applied it all over, including his face! And the result? Clogged pores and a mini eruption of pimples. In fact, he didn’t even realized the reason until I questioned him.

Body lotions are richer than face moisturizers
I had to explain to him that there is a big difference between facial and body moisturizers even if their texture seem similar. First, the skin condition between our face and our body is different with the skin on our hands and body typically drier than our face. Hence, the body lotion only needs to hydrate the dry skin and are thus formulated to be richer. I haven’t seen any body lotion that states that it is “non-comedogenic” although you see a lot of this on creams and moisturizers for the face, which means it won’t clog your pores.

Some ingredients can clog pores
Even if the ingredients used are the same, the concentration could be different. For example, if you compare the ingredients of Sukin Hydrating Body Lotion and Sukin Facial Moisturizer, they look almost similar but some of their order are different. The concentration of shea butter and cocoa butter are higher for the body lotion since they’re listed first. And cocoa butter has been widely rated as having a fairly high propensity to clog pores.

Sukin Hydrating Body Lotion Ingredients: purified water, an organic blend of aloe vera, nettle, burdock and horsetail, sesame oil, cetyl alcohol (vegetable), ceteareth-20 (vegetable), glycerin (vegetable), shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, avocado oil, wheat germ oil, vitamin E, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate (suttocide), grapeseed extract, tangerine essential oil, mandarin oil, lavender oil, vanilla extract.

Sukin Facial Moisturiser Ingredients: purified water, an organic blend of aloe vera, nettle, burdock and horsetail, sesame oil, palm kernel alcohol (vegetable), ceteareth-20 (vegetable), glycerin (vegetable), vitamin E, avocado oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, rosehip oil, shea butter, wheat germ oil, tangerine essential oil, mandarin oil, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate (suttocide), citric acid, grapefruit seed extract, lavender, vanilla extract.

So you can apply your facial moisturizer on your body but you should never apply your body lotion on your face. At least that’s a lesson my husband learnt the hard way.

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