ordinary and oddinary

I write therefore I exist.

I know what you did a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago, I caught something that was devastatingly disturbing and indescribably seething at the same time.

Some f&*$ing psychopath keyed my car.

Three on the bonnet and one on the driver side of the door. Also how they were done showed that it wasn’t an accident. At that moment, if Genie had come and asked my one and only wish, I would have gone for getting his hands mutilated. I was that angry. And I think I might know who did it. I can’t prove it but my intuition tells me who the culprit is.

That night I couldn’t find a blue badge parking lot in front of my place. As they are not designated, any blue badge holder can park in those demarcated area. So I first drop off Mark and ushered him inside the communal gate, then I drove a bit further up where I encountered another blue badge space. I parked my car and walked down.

And my car was found scratched the next morning. Is it a coincidence? My bet in on the car owner who ‘privatised’ that parking space. Now my beloved car is vandalised and my fleeting rage soars up every morning .

At first I was thinking about taking my car to the garage. Then what if somebody scratches again? Also I know that it could be quite costly.

Hence my second best solution is fix-it-myself. I googled it and visited quite a few websites. From what I’ve read, it’s not too difficult to repair scratches. It’s a relief and a bit of confident boost.

The website I’m going to follow is this one.
As I’ve got a mission to accomplish this Saturday, this has to wait till next Saturday. Until then I’m going to study the website thoroughly and procure those essential items for the grand job.


** Last Sunday I pumped my tires at a petrol station in Los Barrios for the first time. I was quite impressed with myself and seriously considered becoming a mechanic. —- Yep, I’m staying with my job. lol

** While I was walking on the main street, I found a lovely poster about an upcoming Tango Show in San Roque. Since I’ve got guests to entertain (Sandra’s birthday party, remember?), I’m not sure I will have energy to go at the end of the day. It’s very tempting though.


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