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Preparation for the trip – 2

4) Nocilla

This is Spain’s answer for Nutella. I have to say I score this higher than Nutella. Nocilla is hazelnut chocolate spread like Nutella, but it tastes like more chocolatey and softer to spoon. As far as I know it is sold only in Spain and outsells Nutella. If you go to any supermarket in Spain, you will know what I mean. You can spread it on a toast but you can eat it as a Lindt chocolate substitute. Mark likes it firm from the fridge and I like it at room temperature.  I like the Duo one (blue) as you can have two great flavours in one jar!

5) Turrón

Turrón is typically made of honey, sugar, and egg white, with toasted almonds or other nuts, and usually shaped into either a rectangular tablet or a round cake. It is consumed as a traditional Christmas dessert in Spain. There are two types of Turrón in Spain. One is hard (Turrón duro: the one you can see whole almonds) and the other one is soft (Turrón blando: golden block in the photo). I like both and they are very very delicious (=fattening)!

6) Tomate Frito

Many years ago, when I was invited to one of my Spanish friends, she cooked a bowl of pasta. It looked like an ordinary tomato based pasta at a first glance. However once I tasted it, oh dear, this was a road to the new world! obviously it was tomato sauce but it had an incredible depth to it. I didn’t know what it was. The colour was slightly orangey and smelled a bit more fragrant but there was nothing more than I could tell visually. Later I asked her how she made it. She said it was very simple because she used a pack of tomate frito and a bit of herb. Tomate frito. That’s the first time I was introduced to this delightedly fried tomato sauce.

Wikipedia says:
Tomate Frito is a pureed tomato sauce  with a hint of onion and garlic, that can be used as a base ingredient or enjoyed simply for its own flavour. It is distinct from most tomato sauces because the tomatoes have been fried, and its ingredients include a small amount of vegetable oil.

Yes, tomatoes have been fried before they were made to a sauce. Come to think of it, I once watched an Italian cookery program where the chef was making a tomato sauce from scratch. He started frying tomato in olive oil. By doing this, the tomato sauce reaches another level. So aromatic and sumptuous. This comes in a pack like below, I use Orlando or Apis most of the times.

7) Maltesers
This is not a Spanish confectionery but I read it somewhere that Koreans like this one very much. So I’m going to get some from Morrisons.

8) Ventresca de Atun (Tuna belly)

Ventresca de Atun is high grade belly cut tuna packed in olive oil and it does taste mesmerisingly succulent. I once bought this (Oritz brand one) to make a special tuna salad for Mark’s dad’s birthday and remember it was quite pricey by a large notch compared to normal tinned tuna. Since then, if my budget permits, I choose this one over others and make a great salad with pimiento asado.

Well, I will have to start shopping soon. 5-10 of each, I’m thinking.


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