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Joy of baking

Last night I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

It was a spur-of-the-moment thing to do while I was flipping through Michel Roux’s A Life in the Kitchen before I trade in with Amazon. Well by the way I’ve decided not to trade in for a mere gift voucher of £7.50 or something. This is a keeper.

Here goes how it all started.

Reading his book – seeing lots of foodie images – realising that I’ve got a butter which might/might not have passed the best before date – processing how to make the best out of this butter – making a rapid mental note:  eggs checked, butter of course yes, milk checked, sugar & flour yes yes. 🙂

Also possibly my back-of- mind talking:
“‘Well, It’s quite cold. Using oven will make the room so warm and cozy.”
“Cookies are quicker than cakes.”
 “I can make cookies with a minimum generation of washing-up”

——————————– half an hour later ——————————————

I have to say they came out really well. (will post a photo later.)
Mark and I had two each and I made him confess that I was a genius. He offered to say it again if I gave him another one. ha ha

I wrapped them individually and today I’ve brought some to work. A verdict? Let’s say it was overwhelming.

Yes I’m blowing my horn out loud and loud. I’m that good ha ha ha!
Nah.. the reason why I’m saying this is that I want to analyse why this little thing has brought so much joy to me. So I went back to my first post to see whether I can link those points to baking.

My core values: discover, create, feel and relate/communicate.

Baking is a science.

By nature, you get to experiment and discover new facts. Depending on the quantity/quality of each ingredient, the oven temperature, manipulation (beating, mixing, etc) and the combination of one another, the result comes out differently. Also there isn’t much room to rectify once a tray goes in the oven. So everything has to be pre-medicated.

Then you create either beautiful or not so beautiful baked goods.

Baking makes me feel pleased. While a batch of cookies is being baked, it touches all of my senses starting from the mouth-watering smell and visual transformation to the flavour.

I would say ‘relate/communicate‘ comes from sharing the results. I haven’t yet met anyone who doesn’t like (my :-)) home cooked stuff.  Their facial expressions already give me nice pleasure when I present a nicely wrapped cookie. ‘Well I’ve got a present for you, I baked this last night blah blah’. 

Also my big discovery is that this can relate to my hidden motivators, in particular, to practicality. I bake something easy which must give out the maximum result againt the effort put in. That’s why I bake muffins or cookies (easy)  most of the times using proven & tasted recipies. 

From personal requirements’ point of view, it’s immensely effective because I get lots of compliments and encouragement from tasters. Since this is my number one requirement, it’s a surefire way of getting validation. 

 Today I’m a happy bunny.


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