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Mis programas de TV favoritos

Hay muchos programas de TV que sigo viendo y los bajos son mis favoritos.


This is about foreigners who have made Spain as their second home. I can relate to them a lot as I also came to Gibraltar/Spain nearly 10 years ago. It’s so fascinating to see how they have adapted to the new lifestyle. From my experience, Spaniards are very open-minded and warm-hearted. They are very receptive and welcoming to something new. 

Españoles en el mundo

Well, this is a flip side of the coin of above program. As the title suggests, it focuses on the lives of Spaniards living outside Spain.  There are many reasons people end up living outside their home country. It is not an easy matter and you get to experience something unpleasant or unaccustomed to. However there are plenty of joy and happiness to savour as well. This program portrays those brave people in a matter-of-factly tone.

Águila roja

This has become my obsession these days.  The protagonist, played by David Janer (so handsome!), is an unsung hero avenging the seventeenth century, known by the nickname Águila Roja (red eagle), which helps the weak and who is determined to uncover the conspiracy behind the murder of his young wife. The other night it marked its 50th episode. As much as I like Gonzalo, Satur, Alonso, Margarita and so on, I must admit that sometimes the storyline goes rather too complicated. It’s because the producer tries to put too many plots into one episode within the limited time. However my love for him goes on!


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